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FemTouch for Vaginal Health in Dallas


Promote New Collagen for Vaginal Improvement

Just as collagen is vital to healthy skin, it's important for a healthy vaginal area, too. The versatile protein ensures tissues stay both flexible and strong, providing support and structure that creates a framework for moisture-holding hyaluronic acid and more. But as collagen levels decline with age, there can be a corresponding decline in vaginal health. Dallas-area dermatologist Dr. Ellen Turner meets with women who express frustration due to increased dryness, decreased sexual satisfaction, and even discomfort or pain in their vaginal area due to collagen loss and vaginal atrophy. The problem is especially common to women who have gone through menopause, but it does not have to be a permanent one, however.

Stimulating collagen growth by applying carefully calibrated energy can help women achieve their desired vaginal health. New collagen can rejuvenate the area, restoring moisture, shape, and sensation. For this, Dr. Turner offers FemTouch, a laser device designed to generate improvement without surgery.

Contact Dr. Ellen Turner's office about requesting an appointment or call (214) 373-7546. Find out more about FemTouch™ for vaginal health in the Dallas area today!

What is FemTouch?

A laser-based procedure to promote vaginal health, FemTouch was developed by Lumenis as a simple outpatient treatment. The device delivers CO2 laser energy into the vaginal lining in the form of microbeams, which kick-start collagen production.

As new collagen grows, it thickens the vaginal lining. Many women who previously struggled with the symptoms of vaginal laxity report feeling an improvement to their vaginal health, as the collagen encourages increased moisture and structural support.

Improved vaginal health can increase sexual satisfaction and comfort by reducing the dryness, itching, and pain felt during intercourse by women who have experienced vaginal atrophy.

FemTouch Treatment Details

Women interested in FemTouch for vaginal health will first receive a consultation to determine whether the treatment would be best for them.

The procedure itself lasts only a few minutes, and involves a sterilized applicator being applied to the vaginal wall with a gentle, 360-degree motion to ensure all of the tissues in the area are covered. Women may feel a minor sensation of heat during this process, and a feeling of mild heat may last for a few hours after its completion, but this should resolve on its own.

Some women notice a change to their vaginal health in the weeks after their first treatment, as new collagen begins to grow. Typically, ideal results are achieved after two to four sessions.

Since no surgery is involved, related recuperation times and special post-procedural care instructions are minimal. Women are generally instructed to practice complete vaginal rest for three days, during which time they should avoid inserting anything into the vaginal area or submerging it in water.

Beyond Vaginal Health in Dallas

Vaginal health is not the only thing that can benefit from new collagen. Dr. Ellen Turner also offers SkinPen, a microneedling treatment that triggers collagen production to reduce the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, large pores, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation on the skin.

Laser and other light-based treatments, such as IPL, can also stimulate collagen, helping skin to look younger and healthier.

Dr. Turner believes women should have choices when it comes to their health and beauty, with options ranging from skin to vaginal health.

Learn more about what FemTouch can do for the vaginal health of Dallas-area patients. Contact us online about setting up an appointment or call (214) 373-7546.

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