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Category: Sculptra

Sculptra for Non-Surgical Butt Augmentation

Approximately two years ago, my cosmetic consultant asked me to attend a training conference to learn how to perform Sculptra buttock injections. Coming from a generation where a smaller backside is more desirable than a larger one, I asked “Why would someone want a larger butt?” She quickly laughed and said, “You will see. There are lots and lots of people, women especially, who would like to have a larger butt because they never had the fortune of being blessed with this naturally, or they would like to see the shape of their butt altered to what it was in their adolescent years or in their twenties.” I was skeptical initially, but after attending the training, I was excited and ready to start injecting using my Sculptra and my blunt tipped cannulas for minimal pain and discomfort and maximum results! Unfortunately, the gates were not opened and patients were not flooding in two years ago, but over the past 18 months, what began as a patient or two every month, has  now blossomed into a routine outpatient procedure taking approximately 20-30 minutes to perform.  Patients are consulted initially to determine exactly what their desire buttock will look like. Once scheduled, […]

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