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Category: Skin Cancer

Dallas Dermatologist Dr. Ellen Turner’s Interview with Practical Dermatology

In each issue, magazine asks leading physicians about new products that they are recommending to their patients. This month, Ellen Turner, MD, a dermatologist in Dallas, TX, discusses Colorescience Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50, which she wears every day. How long have you been recommending Colorescience Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50? Do you use it on yourself? Dr. Turner: I have been recommend­ing Colorescience Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50 since it first launched. I practice what I preach and therefore skin protection is an integral part of my daily routine. It is hard to remember my skincare regimen without Face Shield. How and how often do you suggest that your patients use this product? Dr. Turner: Just as we brush our teeth every single day, I want my patients to apply this product daily. Often times patients will tell me they only wear sun protection when they are going outside, but I am quick to remind them we are on our phones, and sit in front of our computers all day long and the Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50 will protect them not only from harmful UVA damage but also environ­ mental damage caused from their device screens […]

What is Basal Cell Carcinoma?

What is Basal Cell Carcinoma? Basal cell carcinoma is the most common skin cancer in the entire world. It is caused from cumulative exposure to sun over time in people who are genetically prone to it. Basal cell carcinoma rarely infiltrates or metastasizes (less than 1% of the time), but rather tends to grow slowly over time spreading over the surface of the skin. Unfortunately, areas that are more exposed to sun such as the face, the ears, the scalp, and the neck as well as arms and hands tend to get the bulk of our sun exposures, and thus are very common areas where basal cell carcinoma (BCC) can be found. In order to diagnose this type of malignancy, a simply biopsy can be performed. Once it is deemed positive for basal cell carcinoma, it is necessary to treat in order to prevent the spread and progression of it. The treatment for BCC is surgical removal, electrodessication and curettage, topical therapies or even radiation, depending on location and size. Surgical excision is the most common type of treatment, and can be performed under local anesthesia in a dermatology office. Recommended margins as advised by the American Academy of Dermatology […]

New Year New You!

With the arrival of a new year, comes new beginnings, new resolutions, new promise, new dreams  and new hope to come in this year. Ask yourself what are important goals that you have pushed aside for a variety of reasons. What is holding you back from accomplishing those goals? It is yourself, someone else or your circumstances? Make a list of priorities for the year. Just because it is on your list does not mean that it needs to be accomplished in one week or even one month. There are twelve months in each year, and 52 weeks as well. These time frames provide opportunities for the accomplishment of these goals. Every year in January, I have patients who come to me with a commitment to make a change. They choose to maintain and improve their health by getting a full body skin examination. Regardless of whether they are fair-complected or darker, have a family of skin cancer or have had a little or a lot of sun exposures over time, everyone over the age of 18 years should obtain a full body skin exam annually. If there is a personal history of skin cancer, that time frame reduces to […]

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