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Category: Skin Care Questions

Introducing SkinMedica® Lytera 2.0

The newest product in the SkinMedica portfolio is the second generation of Lytera, a product developed for its skin brightening and even-ness of skin tone. Lytera 2.0 was released for distribution last week, only days before the SkinMedica Ambassador Summit in Newport Beach, California. A product which has been in research & development for the past three years, this new tool in the arsenal to fight pigmentation disorders has been anticipated for release for almost one year. Now it is here in January 2017! To date, there have been ten clinical trials to assess its effectiveness, going head to head with the gold standard skin lightening and brightening product, prescription-strength 4% hydroquinone. These clinical trials spanned all skin types and ethnicities, including patients with skin of color—a subtype of the population who seem to struggle much more with pigmentation issues. Trial sites included the U.S., Japan and Thailand. The product was examined on its own, as well as in combination with the retinols and with other office-based procedures such as chemical peels and laser treatments. Many women, more so than men, suffer from pigmentation issues. Described by patients in many different ways, words like blotchiness, staining, scarring, spotting, uneven skin […]

Your New Skin Care Habit This 2017

As we begin a new year, we have a chance to start anew with positive changes that can affect our skin health. A simple but important step in this process can be taking the time, twice daily, to cleanse and moisturize your face properly. No matter your skin type–normal, oily or sensitive and dry–it is important to follow a few steps in the daily grooming process for your facial skin. Cleansing your face using your hands, a soft washcloth or a gentle motorized brush such as the Clarisonic PRO, will ensure the skin is actually cleansed, including the pores, so that topicals such as those used for hydration or skin repair, can actually penetrate and work properly within the skin. I recommend a gentle cleanser for most patients, unless they are acne-prone. If so, an alpha-hydroxyl acid such as glycolic acid-containing cleanser is very nice and can effectively “cut” through the oiliness in these patients. Gentle skin cleansers are abundant–brands such as SkinMedica, Neutrogena, Cetaphil or Cerave or ones that I commonly recommend to my patients. For hydration and moisturization, all patients benefit from at least once-daily application all over the face. For those patients with oily skin, hydration is […]

Ingrown Hair Problem?

Ingrown Hair Problem? Ingrown hairs are a common problem that dermatology can treat. The medical name for ingrown hair is folliculitis, which indicates there is actual inflammation at the site of the hair follicle. Many times, inflammation is created at the bulb region, or area below the skin which then prevents the hair from protruding out of the opening at the skin surface. This creates a “trapping” of the hair that can then lead to additional inflammation. Folliculitis can occur on the scalp or on the body. If the inflammation at the level of the follicle is being caused by something such as mechanical friction or rubbing (an example would be a hat or helmet which could induce inflammation at the site where friction is occurring), then removal of the offending agent can be a great remedy. Many times, men note that when they shave their beard region, they will induce this inflammation. By not shaving, and simply clipping their facial area, the inflammation will not occur and they will not require the need of a medical doctor. In other cases of folliculitis, there is no stimulus or inciting factor. The inflammation simply occurs for no apparent reason. These patients […]

What is a Dermatologist’s Skin Regimen?

What is a Dermatologist’s Skin Regimen? My daily skin regimen is as follows. Out of a compulsion to educate on skincare, I have included the reasons and conditions that I am treating when I am performing my daily skincare rituals. Morning: 1) Cleanse with SkinMedica Facial Cleanser using my Clarisonic PRO brush. (The brush can be used twice daily and gets my skin cleaner than anything else, allowing the products I place on the skin to really get the penetration I want.) 2) Immediately apply SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum. I place one pump on the back of my hand to mix it, and then apply to face, neck and dĂ©colletage. It is important to always apply growth factors for collagen stimulation as the first step beyond cleansing. Personally, if there is any single product I absolutely cannot go without, it is the Essential Serum. With 11+ clinical trials behind it, it is the only proven product on the market to really stimulate Collagen I and Collagen III by proven microscopic analysis. 3) Next, I apply my SkinMedica Lytera. I have pigment. I am female, and I live in Texas. Of course I have pigment! Unlike chemicals such as hydroquinone, which […]

Why should I NOT purchase skincare products through Amazon and other retail outlets?

  Why should I NOT purchase skincare products through Amazon and other retail outlets? As a dermatologist, I always want the very best for my patients. I want to educate them on issues related to their health and well-being, while staying attuned to the fact that everyone, everywhere has a budget to maintain. When it comes to skincare, I truly believe there are huge differences to what are “cosmetic” products, which make claims about moisturization or the reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and “cosmeceutical” products. Cosmecueticals involve actual research and development so that when they make a claim about hydration or actual reduction of lines and wrinkles (not just the temporary appearance of!), they have scientific facts to prove out their research. Thus, what they claim, you as the consumer can actually believe. No, it is not a miracle in a bottle, but rather it a product that, many times has been tested in living cells hundreds of times. In the case of some manufacturers of cosmeceuticals, they don’t simply stop at the answer to the question “does it do what the bottle says?” These labs go on to further test the elegance of products, so that when […]

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