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Is it normal for moles to just suddenly appear?

    It can be normal for new moles to appear. Moles do not only occur in the first two years of life, but when they do, it is considered a birthmark. When a new spot appears, the important thing is to remember the ABCDEs of moles and melanoma. Asymmetry – if you were to visually split the lesion on...

What is Micro-needling

  Micro-needling is the hottest topic in dermatology, especially when it comes to consideration of melasma, a condition most common in females, which is darkened patches or spots on the face. Micro-needling is really an older concept that has be revived with companies and renamed as SkinPen, MicroPen or CosmoPen. At the 2015 American Academy of Dermatology in San Francisco,...

Dr. Turner’s 2015 Sunscreen Review

  The summer of 2015 has been packed with activities and travel for me and my family. Between camp for the girls, trips to the neighborhood swimming pool or visiting the lake house, it has been a huge deal to have some outstanding products for sun protection which are “first in class” or “one of a kind”. Let me review...

Introducing Colorescience Even Up!

This weekend I was honored to be the meeting chair for the Colorescience Physician Forum in Sunny Del Mar, California right outside of San Diego. I was excited to share a new product which is first in its class – Even Up clinical pigment corrector with SPF50 with this amazing group of dermatologist, plastic surgeons and skincare professionals from all...

Dallas Women’s Derm

Women’s Dermatologic Journal Club met in my home last night. With food catered in from Mi Cocina compliments of Colorescience, it was a festive affair. Approximately 20 dermatologists gathered together to greet, discuss, eat tacos, drink margaritas and Arnold Palmers, and talk clinical dermatology. We were honored to have Mary Fisher, CEO of Colorescience, talk to us about the sunscreen...

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