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Belotero Balance®


Enjoy This Dermal Filler in the Dallas Area

Belotero Balance®, available in the Dallas area, is an injectable dermal filler made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body that binds to water and can help stimulate collagen production, resulting in fresh, youthful skin. As we age, our skin loses this beneficial component, as well as collagen and elastin, resulting in the appearance of unwelcome wrinkles and lines.

Belotero Balance® is called a dermal filler because it sinks into wrinkles, folds, and lines in the skin, filling them in and reducing the appearance of the lines while maintaining the skin’s elasticity and flexibility of movement. The result is a smoother, younger look.

Find out more about Belotero Balance® in Dallas by scheduling your consultation online or calling (214) 373-7546.

Unlike many other injectable fillers, Belotero Balance® is created using a proprietary cohesive polydensified matrix process that produces a smooth, flexible gel that integrates naturally and quickly into the skin tissue. While different fillers have different ideal areas of application, Belotero Balance® is ideally suited to resolving moderate to severe nasolabial folds—also known as parentheses lines—that form around the mouth and nose.

Am I a Good Candidate for Belotero Balance®?

Belotero Balance® is best utilized for women and men of any age looking to eradicate moderate to severe nasolabial folds (the wrinkles that tend to form on either side of the nose and in the corners of the mouth). The treatment is suitable for all skin types. Patients looking for a swift resolution with minimal downtime may be especially attracted to this treatment option.

People who are in overall good health will be suitable candidates for this treatment. As with all non-invasive treatments, better health typically leads to better results. Patients with a history of allergies may be advised to seek an alternative treatment. It is not advised for pregnant or breastfeeding women to undergo any dermal filler treatments, and people who are using blood thinners or have a history of a bleeding disorder should also not use fillers.

Patients interested in Belotero Balance® may also be viable candidates for other treatment options offered by Dr. Ellen Turner's dermatology office, including Ultherapy® and BOTOX® Cosmetic. Dr. Turner will discuss all possible treatment options, ultimately establishing a course that will best address your particular needs and concerns.

When Will I See Results, and How Long Will They Last?

The effects of a Belotero Balance® treatment for Dallas-area patients will be visible immediately following the treatment. Patients can go back to their everyday routines as soon as the treatment session is over. That said, there are certain things to avoid for 24 hours after a Belotero Balance® treatment, including excessive heat, sun exposure, alcoholic beverages, vigorous activities, aspirin, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

The duration of the wrinkle-smoothing effects varies from patient to patient, though most people can expect to maintain their positive results for at least six months. Duration of Belotero Balance® effects will also depend on the quantity and location of the treatment. Patients are advised that areas that experience the most movement, possibly due to smiling or chewing, might not maintain the positive results as long as areas that experience less daily movement.

The volume added from dermal fillers diminishes over time as the material is gradually absorbed and processed. Signs of aging will continue to develop as a patient gets older, but maintenance sessions can be scheduled to keep up with a series of filler treatments designed to address folds and wrinkles for a long-term more youthful appearance.


*Individual results may vary

What Is the Belotero Balance® Treatment Process?

A consultation will determine the suitability of Belotero Balance® to meet your needs, and every patient will first have their medical history checked to weigh the possibility of complications post-treatment. You will also be asked about any medications you are currently taking, as well as any allergies you have.

Belotero Balance® injections contain a small amount of lidocaine, which serves as a localized anaesthetic to minimize discomfort felt at the injection site. If you have any concerns regarding pain, it is essential to let our team know so we work with you to make the session as comfortable as possible for you.

In order to ensure accuracy during the treatment process, we may use a marker to create a "map" of the area or areas on the face that will be treated before injecting Belotero Balance®. Following that, an antiseptic solution is used to clean the area, after which a fine-gauge needle syringe will be used to inject the Belotero Balance® into the skin. The area may be gently massaged afterward to ensure that the dermal filler spreads out evenly for a more natural look.

The total number of syringes used in a treatment session depends on the number of areas being treated.

The injection session itself should take between 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. In some instances, patients may request a touch-up after the first treatment in order to attain their desired look.

Is Belotero Balance® Painful?

As with any injectable treatment, there may be minimal discomfort during the procedure. However, Dallas patients who are particularly sensitive or concerned about possible pain can share that concern with our staff, as we have methods of reducing discomfort during this procedure. It is our mission to ensure that our treatments are not only effective but administered in such a way that our patients enjoy the most positive experience possible.

Dallas patients who undergo an administration of Belotero Balance® are advised to avoid alcohol, sun or heat exposure, and strenuous activity in the 24 hours immediately following the procedure as these can result in temporary redness, itching, or swelling.

*Contains graphic content: viewer discretion is advised.

Other potential side effects include swelling, bruising, and redness, though these side effects are mild and typically resolve within a few days.

How Much Does Belotero Balance® Cost?

The cost of a Belotero Balance® treatment is comparable to the cost of other injectable fillers. However, costs will vary based on each patient's individual needs. Specifically, the location and number of treatments are significant factors in determining treatment cost.

Financing is available through CareCredit, which allows patients to establish a monthly payment system once they have been approved. Dallas-area patients interested in CareCredit can apply online or contact our staff for more information about the program.

More Filler Options

Beyond Belotero Balance®, Dr. Turner offers fillers in the Juvederm® family, including Voluma® for cheek-contouring volume, Volbella® for plumping thin lips, and Vollure, which is also for nasolabial folds and similar lines. These all feature formulas based on hyaluronic acid.

Another filler option, Sculptra®, uses poly-L-lactic acid to add volume and stimulate collagen production, making it especially useful for rounding out the buttocks.

Discover which filler—or other treatment—can alter skin texture or facial contours to provide a younger, fresher look. Many fillers and treatments can also be combined so their effects accomplish more together than they could alone.

Receive a Belotero Balance® consultation in Dallas to discuss specific needs and establish a treatment plan that best responds to your unique challenges and goals. Schedule your consultation online or by calling (214) 373-7546.

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