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Category: Fraxel®

Fall is the Laser Season!

Now that summer will be officially over with the start of Labor Day weekend, dermatology offices such as Dermatology Office, Ellen Turner, M.D. are gearing up for an increase in laser treatments. Many conditions that are not safe to treat during the heat of the summer, where patients are out of doors for longer periods of time, become manageable in the fall. Pigmentation, or darkening of the skin, is the most common ailment that people wish to treat. Knowing that pigmentation is more of a chronic condition that is treated using a variety of modalities, it is nice to be able to use lasers (when appropriate and safe!) to treat. Pigment can be treated with photorejuvenation as well as non-ablative resurfacing lasers such as Fraxel. Additionally, our office boasts the Park Cities Peel which is a combination of both a photofacial and a light resurfacing treatment using the erbium yag laser. Typically considered a lunch-time procedure, photofacials are considered to have no recovery time. When non-ablative or low-grade ablative resurfacing is involved, recovery times go up to about 3-5 days at most. Other types of laser targets such as hair are popular. Laser hair removal has become as common place […]

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