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Your skin is your largest organ and deserves an expert when it comes to care. Whether you’re ensuring you make the best first impression possible by presenting a smooth, clear face or are looking to stay healthy starting with your outermost layer, you need to know that your skin is in good hands. Choosing a dermatologist to help in your efforts to look young and avoid skin-related problems is ideal, since someone with a particular skin focus will truly understand what treatments will best deliver what you need.

As a dermatologist, Dr. Ellen Turner serves Dallas, TX, patients by offering injectables, lasers and lights, and more.

Patient Resources

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The Basics

The first step in choosing a dermatologist is checking credentials. Be sure that the medical professional you’re considering has the appropriate education and training. Professional memberships beyond a degree indicate a commitment to ongoing education and professional betterment. Look for connections in good standing with local and national societies and academies. A dermatologist may also have privileges at a nearby hospital. Looking deeper, consider a dermatologist with training and experience in medical, surgical, and aesthetic dermatology. A broad understanding of the many ways to treat skin indicates that you’ll be in good hands.

Many dermatologists further their education by undergoing training specific to the services, treatments, and products they offer, such as Voluma or BOTOX®. Manufacturers recognize doctors at the top of their game by awarding them with exclusive distinctions, inviting them to speak on panels, and bringing them on to train other dermatologists.

The Details

A dermatologist’s practice is made up of more than just a doctor. When choosing a practice, consider the overall experience, from the comfort of the office space to the knowhow and experience of the other members of the team, including the estheticians.

It’s also key to select a dermatologist who can develop a solid relationship with you. Your skin health and beauty are important, so choose someone who makes it easy to connect and communicate. You should be able to share your concerns with your dermatologist, as well as get simple, straightforward answers to your questions. This is a person who will be working very closely with you and likely coming into frequent physical contact with you, so be sure that you are comfortable with that proximity.

Many dermatologists will make their biographies and experience available online, and reading reviews written by past patients can help to create a more accurate picture, but what may be most important is the consultation. This is when you have a chance to explain in person what you’re looking for and determine whether you feel like you will get what you need. Don’t be shy in asking detailed questions about cost, projected results, recovery, realistic expectations, side effects of certain procedures, or anything you feel will help you to make your decision.

The best dermatologist is one who is there for you, helping you to be as beautiful and healthy as you can be.

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