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Ultherapy Plus Halo Combo

June 4th, 2020 As we began to reopen our clinic to a new normal, I wanted to rejuvenate myself and my skin. I asked Rebecca, my laser technician who had recently attended an advanced Ultherapy training class pre-COVID if she would please give me my annual Ultherapy face and neck treatment. Of course she was happy to do it, but...

Ask a Dermatologist: What causes skin cancer and how to avoid it?

Question: What causes skin cancer and how to avoid it? Skin cancer can be caused by many different things. UV exposure is one thing that is we can help control through the use of excellent sunscreen. I prefer that my patients use physical sunblock that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. The best manufacturer in the market, I believe, is...

Ask a Dermatologist: What are the treatment options for skin cancer?

Question: What are the treatment options for skin cancer? What treatment to you usually recommend to your patients? There are several different treatment options for skin cancer. We used to only be able to to do regular excisions or Mohs surgery excisions. However, we now can offer another option that is non surgical and non-scarring–superficial radiation therapy. Previously, radiation was...

Ask a Dermatologist: What are the signs of skin cancer?

Question: What are the signs of skin cancer?  The ABCDE was developed as an easy way to remember the common signs to determine whether you may have a skin cancer. A–Asymmetry of lesion can indicate that you may need to see your dermatologist. I explain that if you visually try to split a lesion in half and flip it on...

How Exosomes Can Be Used For Hair Loss & Restoration

May 21st 2020 – When I became a board-certified physician in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, it was as though someone had cleaned my sunglasses. I functioned very well as a dermatologist, but now I worked even better with a new set of resources and so much more information from which to pull that could better assist my patients! One of...

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