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Get a Lift from PDO Novathreads

The newest advancements in threadlifts can now be found at the office of Dr. Ellen Turner and the Dermatology Office. A Center of Excellence and trainer of Silhouette InstaLift in Texas, Dr. Ellen Turner is now using the PDO Novathreads for brow lift and butt lift. She is also using these threads for elimination of fine and course lines in...

Face Contouring: How to Combat Mid-Facial Volume Loss

November 20, 2020- Since 2007, I began to understand the importance of the mid-facial volume loss and how that dramatically impacts the periorbital region (around the eyes), the temples, and especially the lower face around the mouth area. Most patients come to me with complaints such as “I am seeing the shadows under my eyes” or “I see these deepening...

Radiesse for Buttock Augmentation

October 26th 2020 – Hyper-diluted Radiesse is now being used for buttock augmentation at the Dermatology Office! Different from Sculptra, Radiesse (calcium hydroxyapatite) is an instant result which is appealing to many patients. Some patients prefer to get their buttock augmentation foundation with Sculptra, and then tweak their results with hyper-diluted Radiesse. Just as with Sculptra butt augmentation, hyper-diluted Radiesse...

HA Fillers for Tech-Neck Wrinkles

September 22nd, 2020 – Hyaluronic acid fillers have been used for many years in the face to fill the lips or the nasolabial folds or marionette lines, and in more recent years to fill the cheeks for mid-face volume loss or in the tear troughs to erase the tired look of the aging face, but now these same fillers are...

Perioral Dermatitis Exacerbated by COVID Mask Wearing

September 2, 2020 – Perioral dermatitis is an inflammatory condition which can occur around the mouth or nose and appears as pink or red bumps or pustules that can then coalesce together to form more of a rash. Sometimes it is mistaken for acne, but when treated with acne topicals, it often worsens. When treated with topical corticosteroids, it often...

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