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Dr. Ellen Turner has a medical degree and a focus on dermatology, but there is someone else who can do something no one else can to help your skin: You. When it comes to skin care, the Dallas-based team at Dr. Turner’s practice works with each patient to ensure that good practices for ideal skin appearance and health start and continue at home.

That’s because good skin care is not just about treatments performed in an office. It extends to daily habits and carefully chosen products that put the power of looking young and rejuvenated in your own hands.

Cosmetic Dermatology

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At-Home Skin Care

While every person’s skin is unique, there are a few things that should be common to every woman and man seeking healthy, youthful-looking skin. Care begins at home.


Wrinkles appear as skin dries out due to aging and environmental factors. Keeping skin moist and pliant involves several factors, including staying properly hydrated. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is vital for skin care, as is choosing soaps and other skin-cleaning products that preserve moisture. Certain skin care lines can strip away valuable oils and cause the surface to dry out, leading to cosmetic problems.

A Clean Environment

Skin looks its best when it’s of toxins that come from outside and inside. Avoid environmental pollution as much as possible, and definitely avoid tobacco. Smoking can dry out your skin, cause discoloration, and hinder ideal blood flow—all of which are negatives when it comes to looking young and staying healthy.

Sun Protection

Ultraviolet radiation is a significant contributor to skin problems, both cosmetic and medical. The rays—which can come from the sun and tanning bulbs—hasten the breakdown of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin in the skin, causing it to become more brittle and dry, forming and revealing wrinkles. This can happen even on cloudy days, so time outside should always be marked by the application of an adequate barrier sunscreen from a trusted skin care line.


Your body repairs itself while you sleep, but we’re not talking about simply getting a good night’s rest now and then. Maintaining a sleep schedule that allows for plenty of shuteye gives your cells the time they need to function the way they should.

Regular Skin Care Inspections

This is where you knowing your own skin really comes into play. At least once a month, give your skin—from your scalp to your toes—as thorough a once-over as possible. Note anything unusual: rashes, bumps, spots, dry patches, and moles.

Scheduling Check-Ups

At each annual skin care visit, your dermatologist will carefully consider your own observations, since you would know best whether a lesion has been changing in size and shape over recent months or whether red welts appear only after you wear certain articles of clothing. Your dermatologist can also identify other potential problem areas, as well as recommend tests and treatments to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Applying Quality Products

Dr. Ellen Turner’s dermatology office offers a range of skincare products, to address signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, sensitivity, and acne. Choose from the SkinMedica® line, with solutions that can be applied to the face, eyes, lips, body, neck, and décolleté or shop our popular Colorescience Products here.

Dr. Ellen Turner is a Colorescience Hero 2022.

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Cosmetic Dermatology

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