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Category: Hyperhidrosis

Permanent Treatment to Excessive Sweating – RF Microneedling

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is a real issue for some people. I have patients that come to me and state that they are unable to wear particular clothes because the problem of excessive sweating is so real, they are painfully embarrassed with the potential resulting appearance. I also have heard patients state that they must bring a change of clothes to work at their desk job because the hyperhidrosis is such as real issue that they cannot wait until they get home at the day’s end. In today’s world, hyperhidrosis should no longer be a difficult clinical issue to treat. We have long had traditional approaches to therapy such as Robinul, clinical strength antiperspirants, and topical aluminum chloride. Approximately a decade ago, Botox gained approval for hyperhidrosis of the underarms (also known as axillary region), but most insurance plans do not cover this issue, considering it to be elective as a treatment option, even when they have failed the traditional approach to hyperhidrosis. Later, a device known as MiraDry, was used to more permanently eliminate the issue of excessive sweating under the arms. However, it was not always effective, and the cost was not only prohibitive to the patients, but […]

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