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Re-boot your skin at the start of this fall season!

As school begins, it reminds me that Fall is just around the corner. However, in Dallas, our summer likes to prolong all the way into October! As we wrap up with summer outdoor activities, you may feel like your skin needs a boost. Perhaps you were diligent with sunscreen and sun protection, but you are still seeing the effects of over-exposure during those long summer days. Fall is a time to start over again. It is a time to rejuvenate and refresh your skin to get that dewy bright complexion free of fine lines and wrinkles. I want to share a few procedures you may want to consider as a way to “re-boot” your skin at the start of this fall season. Park Cities Peel: Park Cities Peel is a combination treatment of both a photofacial set to treat the desired tonality problem of the patient, as well as a 4 micron microlaser peel to immediately follow. Performed with the use of a cooling device, it is a comfortable procedure which does not require any type of topical anesthesia. The Park Cities Peel takes about 20 min to perform by Dr. Turner. Patients are advised to expect 3-5 days of […]

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