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Category: Voluma™

Dr. Turners master training on Voluma. The first filler approved by the FDA

Friday I was asked to perform a master training course on Voluma with a world-reknown plastic surgeon from Brazil. He had the classic Latino vibe, complete with the Brazilian accent. That started the day out well. By the end of the day, I felt like I had gone back to medical school for the day. Things I had always known, or had learned in the last eight years of practicing cosmetic dermatology were changed both in subtle and dramatic ways. First, we analyzed six patients—spending time to determine the facial shape (oval is best), the symmetry both vertically and horizontally, and how ethnicity can truly effect proportions of aging. We looked at hairline, the set of the eyes, the texture and health of the skin of the face and neck, the volume of the mid face and lower face, the placement, size and shape of the nose, the volume and shape of the lips, and the lower jaw line and chin in regards to sagginess and volume. With one patient, we spent approximately one entire hour of dissecting her particular facial anatomy. (I am sure that was quite pleasant for her!) Some of the patients were quite difficult—narrow and square […]

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