The summer of 2015 has been packed with activities and travel for me and my family. Between camp for the girls, trips to the neighborhood swimming pool or visiting the lake house, it has been a huge deal to have some outstanding products for sun protection which are “first in class” or “one of a kind”. Let me review three with everyone.

1. Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF50 powder sunscreen. I have actually been using this since 2010 when I first discovered it at an anti-aging conference and immediately jumped on line and purchased it right in the middle of the seminar using my smart phone. It has continued to evolve, coming out with darker shades for even the darkest complexions (Yes! They needs sunscreen too!). Recently, Colorescience packaged three powder sunscreens into one package, thus greatly reducing the pricing on this incredible product. Since I layer my sunscreen for better protection, I love using the powder as the last step in my regimen before walking out the door. I use the Sunforgettable in the car to reapply it to my hands and face throughout the day. Reapplication is key to good protection, and very much under-estimated by my dermatologic way of thinking. The same sunscreen we apply at 7 in the morning is not effective, or even still there, at 5pmon the way home. This product is the key to easy and non-messy reapplication of outstanding physical blockade from sunlight. I find children and men love this product because it is easy to apply, great sun protection and does not ever burn or sting as with sweating or water immersion. In fact, it is both water resistant and seat resistant.

2. Colorescience Even Up Color Corrector and Primer. OK so maybe this one is not so great for the men, but it is a three-in-one product which is perfect for women with a busy lifestyle. It has your SPF50 utilizing the same amazing physical blockers as can be found in the powder sunscreen – zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. In addition, this product has something not seen in the marketplace before it – infrared protection. About 60% of our light we receive when out of doors in non-visible or infrared. Other sunscreens have protected against visible light. Even Up actually contains ingredients to help fade the brown discolorations caused from sunlight over time. Finally, it contains primer which helps to correct the tone of the skin before makeup application so that one needs less actual makeup to appear “photo-finished”. This product is water resistant as well.

3. SkinMedica Total Defense and Repair SPF50. This “superscreen” was a work in progress for three years before it launched in June of this year. When talking about infrared protection, this product has it in spades. Now we have an amazing 2-in-1 product which combines unbeatable sun protection including infrared defense, plus anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidants alone show incredible before and after effects when used consistently for 1-3 months showing reduction in the fine lines around the eyes and lips. Add the sun protection and you have a product that I have not gone a day without since first trying it. What I love the most??? It absorbs instantly and now I can immediately apply my makeup and my Colorescience Sunforgettable with a moment’s delay.

Hopefully, you will try one or all three of these products to make sun protection an easy an obtainable goal each and every day. Here’s to innovative sunscreen and to the manufacturer’s who developed these technologies!