As we near the annual DermLaser Institute of Dallas Fall Open House, I am also eager with anticipation as it continues to get better and better every year. Save the date for October 20, 2011 from 5-8pm! It will offer a wide variety of items and services from which patients can choose. Valet parking will be provided and the catering promises to be a delight with bites of goodies such as chicken and waffles, crabcakes, mini-cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries to name a few! The event should prove to be a success with the launch of our newest technology—Ultherapy. Read our September blog to learn more about this or go to to view photos from the gallery on this exciting new treatment which is featured in this month’s In Style magazine entitled “Complexion Perfection”.

The month of October at DermLaser Institute of Dallas not only boasts our annual open house, but also offers the most wonderful special on my MUST HAVE Skin Medica TNS Essential Serum. For the entire month, we are give a FREE Essential Serum to patients who buy two Serums. Due to its abundance of collagen growth factors, seven powerful antioxidants, and three super-peptides, it is scientifically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles over three months. This does NOT reduce the “appearance of” lines and wrinkles, but rather it reduces lines and wrinkles. No other product on the market can currently touch this from a scientific perspective. Choose your anti-aging regimen based on science and facts, not “fashion”. Even if a product smells wonderful and feels great on your skin, it does not necessarily equate to a product which is proven in scientific trials.

A few other things I would like everyone to consider as we enter into fall and the holiday season. First, I hope everyone will continue to use their sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher daily, as well incorporate some type of moisturizer into their daily skincare regimen. With the change of seasons, it is very easy to allow skin to become dry and then pesky rashes such as the “winter itch” can occur which require more advanced prescription treatments. Avoid this by using a moisturizing lotion, or, if you run even drier, or are more prone to eczema, use a moisturizing cream. I enjoy products such as Cetaphil, Cerave and Impruv as examples of great moisturizing agents which cost very little are easily accessible in various drugstores and supermarkets.

Lastly, consider that now is a great time to start addressing the pigmentation changes which may have occurred over the summer months despite your diligent use of sunscreen. We have a variety of recommendations we can make to fade brown spots including skincare products, chemical peels, the Melanage mask and a variety of laser and light treatments. Feel free to call the office for your complimentary consultation with either Rebecca or Tina, our aestheticians at DermLaser Institute of Dallas.