SkinMedica launched a new product system in the fall of 2018 which is really a first-in-class skincare product. Lumivive, contains a day and a night serum, which specifically targets the issue of blue light damage and environmental pollution. 

The Lumivive system is designed to prevent, protect, and repair the damage from constant blue light damage we encounter through daily use of our cell phones, tablets, and computers. Some cars even contain larger blue lights which help us to do everything from changing the radio station to navigation, to using the hands-free mechanism on our phones. 

Additionally, we have environmental pollution. Granted, in the U.S. we are much more fortunate than our Asian and European counterparts, due in a large part to the lesser amount of diesel fuel used but in metropolitan areas such as Dallas, it is an issue, and one to consider as we are seeing evidence of skin-aging and even skin conditions such as acne and other inflammatory conditions. 

Lumivive Day Serum is the perfect blending of antioxidants designed to prevent the damage created from both blue light and environmental pollution. Lumivive Night Serum has a different formulation designed to correct and repair any damage which may still occur due to over-exposures to toxins and pollutants. Some of the ingredients which are anti-oxidative in nature including one well known nutritional supplement but in a topical formulation—ubiquinol (also known as Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10). Ubiquinol is a necessary anti-oxidant that helps clear out and remove debris and waste which accumulates with normal bodily processes and metabolism. As we age, we lose our natural ability to keep up with this antioxidant process and so we must supplement orally with CoQ10 daily. As it works inside the both, it works well additionally on the skin cells repairing damage caused by external factors.

The most exciting news about Lumivive System is how quickly it acts. Patients who use Lumivive see noticeable changes within 2 weeks of using it! Patients report their skin develops a radiant glow with continued usage. If you are interested in Lumivive, please call the Dermatology Office at 214-373-7546 and ask for a consultation with one of our staff.