Question : How do dermatologists wash their faces? Is there a proper technique to wash the face?

To properly wash your face, one should use a good cleanser which is appropriate for one’s skin type. If one has sensitive skin, then a gentle cleanser is appropriate. If one has an oilier complexion, then an exfoliative cleanser is appropriate. If one’s skin runs dry, then a hydrating cleanser is appropriate.

I prefer either a soft washcloth using small circles to address each location of the face–the forehead, each cheek, the nose, and the chin, then the neck and the decolletage. I feel the Clarisonic Pro brushes are the best technological advancements in skin facial cleansing because they ensure that each area is properly addressed for the correct amount of time, and the company offers the appropriate brush head for each skin type. All the consumer has to add is the proper cleanser.

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