On your treatment day, you will initially have your own blood drawn (typically 1-2 tubes), and a topically numbing gel applied to the treatment areas. Your blood product will be centrifuged twice to harvest only the concentrated platelets which release growth factors that stimulate the hair follicle to communicate with the stem cells that exist in the area called the hair bulge (different from hair bulb!).

Once your blood product has been verified by your own signature, the topical anesthetic will be cleansed using alcohol. A Zimmer chiller, which blows cold air, will be used during the procedure for maximum comfort. You will receive multiple injections of your own plasma in the areas where the hair loss is occurring. The product will distribute itself evenly after the procedure.

Results will be best visualized 6 months after your treatment series, and you will need to maintain the effects by re-injecting once every 6 months thereafter.

All PRP scalp hair restoration patients must perform daily dermal rolling using the roller provided by Dermatology Office. You will start dermal rolling as soon as you receive your dermal roller. In addition, Dr. Turner will designate additional orals and/or topical therapy to use in conjunction with her PRP injections in order to receive the most successful outcome ”thickened, healthy hair!


Photo courtesy of Dr. Jeffrey Rappaport

PRP Treatment Patient Instructions