I do not typically recommend medical-grade skin supplements. Each person’s skin is unique as to the issues that person faces. It is always recommended to take a daily multi-vitamin as it is likely that most dietary intake is not adequate for the amount of nutrients a person needs daily. A multivitamin help accomplish this. I do not specifically recommend a particular brand of multivitamin since the FDA does not regulate supplements at all. Consistency of product and absorption can be greatly affected depending on the brand of supplement used.

Interestingly, many people with various skin conditions as about whether their nutrition is somehow affecting that condition. Acne, psoriasis and various dermatitides are not shown through research to be affected by dietary intake in any way. Myths about junk food or chocolate ingestion causing acne are simply that–myths. I do encourage my patients to ensure that they consuming at least 6-8 glasses of water per day in order to properly hydrate all of their organs, including the skin.

For hair and nail health problems, I do actually recommend a supplement–biotin. It is well known for its effect on hair and nail growth, and can be take in doses ranging from 2mg-5mg per day. Patients with hair loss, regardless of the actual type of hair loss, appreciate the fact that biotin is easy to obtain (no prescription needed), may improve their condition, and it certainly will not hurt their condition.