After attending the SkinMedica Summit for my 7th year, I still walk away astounded at the research and development that SkinMedica, an Allergan company, performs in this corner of the market. The cosmetic topical market is huge, and it poses a lot of questions for the consumer and patient. I can feel good as a dermatologist, as a skincare specialist, recommending the SkinMedica portfolio of products to each of my patients based on the amount of research and testing before product launch, after product launch and at 2 and 3 year shelf life and effect. No other company does this, period.


There is research that typically goes into most products before launch, but none that look at effectiveness in what it claims to do after launch including longevity effect with shelf life in varying conditions and temperatures with the exception of SkinMedica. Their new labs were a pleasure to see–clean, contemporary and extremely well-equipped. The scientific machinery and computer systems alone are mind-boggling. Dr. Mehta and Dr. Vega have created a most incredible environment with scientists who do not simply ask “why” but rather “why not”. They are constantly seeking new formulations based on the requests from practitioners in the field such as myself. They are also constantly re-evaluating existing formulations to determine possible ways to improve upon the current technology. Bottom line, this weekend I walked away with a firm commitment to the existing relationship that I have as both a scientist and physician with SkinMedica.

Thanks, SkinMedica and Allergan!