Every spring I look forward to the changes in temperatures warming up as the stale cold and grey disappear. I love seeing the grass turn green again, and blossoms start to dot the landscape on both the ground and in the trees. It gives me a sense of renewal. A sense that we can do things a little better with slight changes and redirection in the new year that we did in the previous. I also look forward to kicking off spring with our annual spring event—the Salute to Spring!

This year was very special in that we had record numbers of attendees. This started the event out on the right foot, as every staff member and the participating company representatives were eager with anticipation about what topics I would present to our patients. Unlike the annual fall open house (which is somewhat of organized chaos!), the spring event is a more intimate small group activity in which newer concepts are presented by me,  and then we break out into personal consults. By attending the event, each of our customers and patients were given door prize drawings for prizes totaling well over $4000, as well as a complimentary SkinMedica Vitalize Chemical Peel. Additionally, they were offered unique discounts and special promotional offerings because they took the time out of their busy schedule to attend this unique event.

Topics covered this year included the new GRASS regimen—a concept in anti-aging that ensures when each category of product is utilized, we are taking maximum advantage of our anti-aging skincare routine, and optimizing our patient outcomes from procedures performed in office. The Growth factors, Retinoids, Anti-oxidants, Specialty Products and Sun Protection were covered, including examples of various actual products which could be utilized for each category. Next, I moved on to a discussion on Ultherapy, the only FDA approved device for both lifting and tightening of the brow, face and neck region. A zero-recovery procedure performed in office which maximally stimulates collagen and produces a lifting effect throughout, Ultherapy has been seen in the media on Dr. Oz as well Barbara Walters on the View to name only a couple. Before and after photographs of our very own patients emphasized the amazing results and high level of patient satisfaction we are seeing daily in all three of our offices. Rounding out the presentation was a discussion on the newest product on the market in volumizing—Allergan’s Voluma. We even had a test patient at each event in order for everyone to visually see in real time the immediate results that come with very little product injected, and with little or no pain!

Before breaking out into our consults, I advised everyone that I would be performing a one minute face and neck evaluation, with a one minute consult giving recommendations in regards to products and services that would uniquely benefit that particular patient. Then, each esthetician would spend the time explaining the science behind the recommendation, the duration of longevity, patient expectations, cost, and expected outcomes. Every patient received a GRASS regimen card with their own unique regimen.

All in all, it was a wonderful day. I believe that the investment of time those patients took out of their busy schedules will be well worth the return on their investment as we move into 2014. I am excited about the potential that we have to work with using non-invasive, no-recovery procedures and services with continued advancements in technology. I believe the patients who attended the spring event would say “ditto”!