Question : How can I treat minor burns? How can I prevent scarring or dyspigmentation associated with a minor burn.

The best treatment for minor burns is actually topical curcumin but it is very difficult to have compounded because it stains the compounding equipment. One can find it on Amazon but it takes several days to arrive so unless you already have it on hand, it is pointless to order because a burn is an acute injury and requires immediate attention in order for proper results.

Thus, I now recommend my patients immediately apply Vaseline and a protective bandage to a minor burn to keep it moist, and then use Silagen thereafter, while all the while completely protecting the healing the skin from any direct sunlight. Once the new skin begins to form, it must be protected at all times using a physical block sunscreen such as Colorescience All Calm with Colorescience Sunforgettable layered over it. The dyspigmentation associated with a minor burn is typically severe but is usually temporary in 1st and even 2nd degree burns.

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Dermatologist, Ellen Turner MD.

Dr. Ellen Turner is a double board-certified dermatologist with practices in Dallas and Irving, Texas. She specializes in medical and cosmetic dermatology, as well as anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

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