June 4th, 2020

As we began to reopen our clinic to a new normal, I wanted to rejuvenate myself and my skin. I asked Rebecca, my laser technician who had recently attended an advanced Ultherapy training class pre-COVID if she would please give me my annual Ultherapy face and neck treatment. Of course she was happy to do it, but she was feeling a little rusty on her laser skills since she had been mandated out of commission for 7 weeks by the governor of Texas, and she asked if she could do a combination of both Ultherapy face and neck in conjunction with Halo to my face and neck. I said, “Sure, why not?”

I was already going to be blocked with local anesthesia, as well as topical numbing applied prior to the treatment. Plus, I was going to take some oral pain medication and a Xanax—don’t worry! I was not going to drive myself home. My daughter came up to the clinic that day and drove my car home and my husband drove me home after the procedure.

It was a great decision. I turn 50 on June 15th. I am always doing things here and there to keep up with the technology, and to experience what the patients are experiencing in the office. I always do my yearly Ultherapy, and although I committed last year at 49 to perform twice yearly Ultherapies from that point forward, time slipped away and I have not done as I committed to do. The recovery time was negligible due to the three-day prednisone burst to dramatically reduce any swelling from the Halo as the Ultherapy as zero recovery time. Any pink discoloration from the Halo was hidden with my all-time favorite sun protection—Colorescience.


First, let me tell you the sequence of application of products I used daily upon awakening:

  • SkinMedica 360 – builds Collagen I/III
  • SkinMedica HA5 – this is the perfect level of hydration for me but some people will need much heavier.
  • Colorescience All Calm SPF50
  • Colorescience Total Eye
  • Colorescience Face Shield Glow layered over the All Calm
  • Colorescience Sunforgettable powder layered on last

On day 4 after my procedure, there was zero pink discoloration or swelling from the Halo treatment, but I continued all of my above aftercare for a total of three weeks for the best outcome possible. I am incredibly happy. Thank you to Rebecca!

For the entire month of June, in celebration of my fabulous 50th, we are offering 10% off the purchase of Ultherapy treatments performed in the office by Rebecca, and 15% off when you purchase a combination Ultherapy + Halo treatment, also performed by Rebecca. She is an advanced certified provider for both Ultherapy and for Halo, and cosmetic industry representatives come to her for their treatments. That should say it all!. Please call us at 214-373-7546 to schedule your consult her in order to then get scheduled for your treatment. All treatments require a pre-consult.