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Sculpt Your Abs with Bellafill for Body

Improve Six-Pack and Eight-Pack Definition in Dallas

Want a washboard stomach—or at least a belly that’s more sculpted than it is now? There’s a new way to define your abs in the Dallas area: Bellafill for Body.

Bellafill is an injectable dermal filler that’s traditionally used on the face. The consistency and formula that make it ideal for contouring youthful-looking cheeks also give it the ability to bring eye-catching emphasis to the abs. Since the treatments involve only filler injections, there are no incisions or sutures to worry about, and no down time is needed for recovery. Bellafill for Body injections are designed to make your abs look more volumized, with desirable six-pack contouring.

Cosmetic Dermatology

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What Are the Benefits of Bellafill for Body?

Many people wish they could be more muscular so that they looked better in clothes (or not) and felt more confident and attractive. The idealized male physique is a broader chest and shoulders, muscular arms, and washboard abs. Women often train to improve the definition of their abs and tone their lower body muscles.

Even if you’ve been working hard on strengthening your core, six-pack ab definition can quickly be difficult to see. Bellafill for Body injections could help you fine-tune the V-cut you want without having to have more invasive surgical procedures or spending all your hours working out at the gym. Bellafill for Body is a great choice for someone who has been working out but wants sharper six-pack muscles. This treatment is sometimes referred to as a “spider-web ab lift.”

Why is it So Hard to Gain Muscle?

Genetics keep some people from gaining muscle the way they want. Others have naturally longer muscle bellies (the total of all a muscle’s fibers) and muscle fibers that are more responsive to strength training. If you’re naturally thin or have difficulty building visibly toned muscles because of your body type, cosmetic treatments can help you sculpt more chiseled abs.

Just like your face, aging causes the skin on the stomach to lose collagen and elastin over time, making it more prone to sagging due to the force of gravity. Skin over the abs can also be damaged by sun exposure. Starting at around age 30, we also lose a small percentage of our muscle mass each year. Bellafill for Body can tighten up the skin and restore the impressively defined abs patients used to enjoy.

How Does Bellafill for Body Work?

Injectors are now using dermal fillers intended to smooth out facial lines for innovative purposes, such as reshaping or adding volume to specific areas beyond the face. Bellafill is a gel made up of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres combined with a collagen solution.

We will start a session by marking the specific areas on the abs to be treated.

During Bellafill for Body injections, the filler is strategically added to accentuate the natural lines of the patient’s abs so that the muscles “pop” more. Bellafill for Body can also tighten the abdominal skin, further revealing sculpted abs, like pulling a loose shirt tighter across your chest to better show off the contours there.

Once injected above the abs, collagen-based Bellafill for Body provides visibly improved volume in the area. The microspheres will remain in place to provide long-lasting support while encouraging the skin’s natural production of collagen over time. Even after the filler eventually breaks down, the newly created collagen will remain longer to continue to provide desired definition for the abs.

When Will I See the Results from Bellafill, and How Long Will They Last?

Bellafill for Body is administered quickly, and you’ll be able to resume your normal activities right away. It’s normal to experience some mild side effects— including swelling, bruising, and bleeding around the abs—that will dissipate in around a week. You can also apply an ice pack to your abs area to reduce any discomfort or swelling.

As opposed to other types of dermal fillers, Bellafill for Body is non-resorbable and can remain in place for five years or longer. Throughout this time, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy regular exercise to optimize results from a Bellafill for Body treatment.

Cosmetic Dermatology

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