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What Makes a Good BOTOX® Candidate?

Learn What Patients Seeking This Injectable in the Dallas Area Should Know

BOTOX® is a popular and versatile treatment for a variety of aesthetic and even medical issues. The injectable can smooth out wrinkles, stop excess sweating, reduce chronic migraines, and more. Its cosmetic application alone is enjoyed by far more than 6 million people each year, all of whom seek out the procedure so they can minimize the appearance of facial lines, typically on their foreheads and to either side of their eyes.

When it comes to BOTOX®, Dallas residents are no strangers to its benefits. Dr. Ellen Turner sees patients in a range of ages, who come from near and far to her practice to receive treatments. Discover what makes a good candidate.

Cosmetic Dermatology

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Is BOTOX® Right For You?

The U.S. FDA has approved the cosmetic for treating crow’s feet to the side of either eye and moderate to severe frown lines on the forehead, so that should be your first criteria in figuring out whether you’re a good candidate for the injectable. If you have these wrinkles and lines, but wish you didn’t, BOTOX® and you are likely right for each other. The cosmetic is often used to soften other creases as well, which is considered an “off-label use,” so talk to Dr. Turner about any questions you have about its application.

BOTOX® and Age

BOTOX® is approved for use on adults, which makes the minimum age 18. Beyond that, there’s not much of a limit to your years if you’re considering the treatment. While initial studies showed that results appeared to be better in patients younger than 65, its benefits are available to all adults, with good health and a lack of medical conditions or allergies to the chemicals used in BOTOX® being the main attributes of a good candidate.

BOTOX® and Health

Patients coming in for a treatment session should be healthy and feeling well. Good candidates aren’t allergic to any product containing botulinum toxin, no matter the brand name, and are of skin infections where they plan to receive their injections. It’s important to share everything about your medical history during your consultation, including any nerve or muscle conditions, active pregnancies and breastfeeding, medications and supplements you’re taking or are about to take, and recent or upcoming surgeries or other cosmetic treatments, especially involving botulinum toxin-based products. Armed with all of this information, Dr. Turner will help to determine whether BOTOX® is truly the best option for achieving your aesthetic goals.

BOTOX® and Options

This cosmetic is an ideal choice for patients who want to regain a youthful look, but who don’t want to undergo surgery to do so. While the effects are temporary, the treatment itself is faster, is less expensive, and carries less recovery time (meaning virtually none) than a forehead lift or other such procedure. Good candidates enjoy the flexibility and freedom it allows them, as well as the results they can turn to again and again as desired.

Being a Dallas-Area BOTOX® Candidate

Get even more answers about BOTOX® from the Dallas area expert on skin, Dr. Ellen Turner. Check out the information at or call (214) 373-7546 for the Dallas or Irving offices.

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