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Masseter BOTOX®

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Choose an Injectable Neuromodulator to Slim and Reshape the Jaw in the Dallas Area

Constant grinding or clenching of the teeth can make your jaw square, since the ongoing activity enlarges the jaw muscles. For patients dealing with this issue, masseter BOTOX® at the Dallas area’s Dermatology Office is an injectable botulinum toxin type A treatment that can improve the shape of the jawline or reduce discomfort, tension, or other symptoms associated with TMJ disorders.

Cosmetic Dermatology

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BOTOX® for Masseter Muscles: What Is Masseter or Jawline BOTOX®?

Have you been looking up “Masseter BOTOX® near me, “jawline or masseter BOTOX® prices,” or “Masseter BOTOX® cost” and want to know how this treatment works?
Patients who want to get a slimmer, more V-shaped jawline or reduce a square face from overworked jaw muscles can benefit from jawline BOTOX®. This treatment weakens the targeted muscles, causing them to reduce in size to give a square jaw a softer or slimmer appearance. Along with its cosmetic uses, there is also masseter BOTOX® for TMJ to provide relief for symptoms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction.
It’s important to see a qualified, experienced injector who knows the best masseter BOTOX® injection sites.

Masseter BOTOX® and Sagging: What You Should Know

Sagging, loose skin below the jawline, chin, and neck area is what many people refer to as “jowls.” Some patients are concerned that when it comes to masseter BOTOX®, jowls are likely to be a side effect. This is because, in theory, shrinking the underlying muscle will deprive the overlying skin of structure and support. However, experts agree that there’s no evidence or reason that masseter muscle BOTOX® would cause the creation of jowls.

Masseter Muscle BOTOX®: What Is Available Aside from Jawline BOTOX®?

Jawline BOľOX® is a populaí tíeatment, but theíe aíe also many otheí benefits of BOľOX®.

  • A BOTOX® brow lift improves the look of hooded eyes by giving the eyebrows a subtle lift.
  • BOTOX® for frown lines reduces glabellar lines between the eyebrows, also known as frown lines or “elevens.”
  • BOTOX® under the eyes reduces the “jelly roll” muscle that shows when you smile oí softens wrinkles below the eyes.s
  • Nose BOTOX® can treat bunny lines, lift a drooping nose tip, or píevent nostrils fíom flaring too much.
  • Chin BOTOX® reduces creases or dimples on the chin.
  • Trapezius BOTOX® gives you a more elongated neck and slimmer shoulders.

There are also some approved medical uses of this injectable, such as BOTOX® for migraines.

Beyond Masseter BOTOX®: Which Other Cosmetic Treatments Are Available in Dallas?

Along with masseter BOľOX®, there are also other types of cosmetic procedures that can improve the appearance of the lower face or other areas of the face. Dr. Ellen ľurner’s Dermatology Office offers a variety of dermal fillers, including the line of hyaluronic acid fillers in the Juvéderm® collection, along with biostimulatory fillers such as Radiesse® and Sculptra® that stimulate collagen growth. ľhese fillers can provide structure to strengthen the jawline area. Emsculpt Neo® is a non-surgical treatment that sculpts the contours of the jawline. Kybella® and CoolSculpting® both reduce stubborn fat to better define the jawline area.

Chemical peels, microneedling, and Dermalinfusion are skin rejuvenation treatments that address textural and tone issues, enhancing the general appearance of the skin to provide a clearer, more radiant look.

Cosmetic Dermatology

Discover more about the benefits of masseter BOTOX® from our Dallas area or Irving locations. Request an appointment online or call us at (214) 373-7546.

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