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Why Choose Dr. Ellen Turner for BOTOX®?

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Plastic surgery centers, med spas, and even dentists offer BOTOX® in the Dallas area, and while most businesses where you can find the injectable cosmetic are staffed with medical professionals who will do a fine job, patients looking to smooth out their foreheads or reduce their crow’s feet tend to want more than just “fine.” That’s why many people seeking BOTOX® turn to Dr. Ellen Turner, who, as a dermatologist, focuses solely on skin. Her medical and surgical dermatology background ensures that she approaches elective aesthetic procedures with the eye of someone trained to consider skin from every angle, optimizing health, safety, and patient satisfaction.

Considering that BOTOX® is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments (if not the most popular) in the world, Dr. Turner understands that patients have no shortage of options when it comes time to research the cosmetic and choose where to go for injections. She encourages everyone to do their homework and to be sure to ask their potential BOTOX® providers about their qualifications, experience with BOTOX®, training, and anything else relevant to the situation before deciding on where to go for a treatment session.

Cosmetic Dermatology

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More Than Just BOTOX®

Dr. Turner aims to treat every patient, whether coming to see her for BOTOX® or a different service, with compassion and care. She doesn’t just listen to questions a patient may have about a particular treatment, but looks at the skin as a whole and suggests a course of action based on each individual’s unique needs and ultimate goals.

The ideal is to help patients see themselves in a new and positive light. Creating a warm and friendly atmosphere that still remains professional and results-oriented is key to achieving that goal.

BOTOX® and Skill

BOTOX® is more than a cosmetic in the way that lipstick or blush is. Administering the injectable requires a high level of anatomical understanding. This is important for two reasons:

  • The best aesthetic results come from a professional who delivers the ideal amount of BOTOX® to the precise points in the muscles where it will be most effective. A patient who receives a treatment should not appear frozen or robot-like. Understanding the exact injection sites in the forehead and to the side of either eye leads to a naturally refreshed look.
  • BOTOX® has an excellent safety record, but it is still a cosmetic that can cause side effects if improperly administered. Dedicated dermatologist Dr. Turner and her team have made the study of skin their lives, so BOTOX® is not merely just one more thing they offer. They focus on it and work with it every day in a clean, safe environment to ensure that their patients stay healthy so they can continue to enjoy their rejuvenated look—and lives—without concern.

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Dr. Ellen Turner and her staff are ready to discuss BOTOX® with Dallas-area patients who have questions and want to learn more. Call (214) 373-7546 for the Dallas or Irving offices, and get even more information throughout the rest of the site.

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