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Kybella® in Dallas


Get Rid of Submental Fat

Submental fat can be difficult to get rid of, which is why so many people choose Kybella® in the Dallas area, where Dr. Ellen Turner offers it as a solution for the problem better known as a double chin.

The injectable destroys fat cells that create a look of fullness, making Kybella® an effective and minimally invasive option ideal for men and women alike who want help reducing their double chin, but who want to do it without liposuction.

Contact us online about setting up an appointment or call (214) 373-7546. Find out more about Kybella® in the Dallas area today!

How Kybella® Works

Your digestive system breaks down the fat you eat with a natural chemical known as deoxycholic acid. Kybella® uses that same chemical as its active ingredient, applying it to fat found beneath the skin. The FDA has approved it for use specifically in the submental area.

A treatment session involves about 40 carefully placed injections, which work together to reduce the overall look of submental fullness beneath the chin.

Kybella® injections in Dallas are a quick and easy way to non-surgically deal with unwanted submental fullness.
Patients who choose Kybella® from Dallas' Dr. Ellen Turner will receive multiple tiny injections in their submental area, where pockets of stubborn fat create unwanted fullness. A Kybella® treatment session typically lasts no longer than half an hour. After that, the active ingredient, deoxycholic acid, begins to break down targeted fat cells, which are processed by the body and eliminated in the following weeks.

The injections will be finished in about 30 minutes. While initial results may be visible within weeks, patients typically need two to four treatments in order to reduce their submental fullness to their satisfaction. Some patients require six treatments.

An initial consultation will help each person get a sense of the scope of their own possible Kybella® treatment, as well as provide a chance to see before-and-after photos.

What Sets Kybella® Apart From Other Methods?

Kybella Before & After
*Individual patient results may vary

Many people who want to lose a double chin change their habits by making healthy diet choices and exercising more. Together, these efforts can help a body to slim down, but some fat may remain in stubborn pockets. Kybella® works to impact such fat below the chin, where it may otherwise go untouched.

Even if dieting and exercise work to reduce a double chin, the fat cells are still there, waiting beneath the surface and capable of growing large again under the proper conditions. A double chin can return. Physical destruction and removal of unwanted fat cells ensures that they can no longer contribute to bulges and unwanted contours.

More Options Than Kybella®

Patients who want a noninvasive option for reducing a double chin can choose CoolSculpting®, which reduces unwanted fat cells by lowering their temperature to the point where they're damaged and then eliminated.

Lax skin may also contribute to submental fullness, so a tightening treatment, such as Ultherapy®, can keep chin and neck contours looking youthful and sleek.

Learn more about what Kybella® can do for Dallas-area patients who want to lose a double chin. Contact us online about setting up an appointment or call (214) 373-7546. Find out more about!

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