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Smooth Out Facial Folds for Younger-Looking Skin in Dallas

Dermal fillers in the Juvederm® line have been a go-to choice for years for adults who want to change their facial wrinkles or contours to look refreshed and rejuvenated. 2017 brought yet another new member to the filler family: Vollure XC. Dallas-area women and men can find this injectable, hyaluronic acid-based treatment to address moderate to severe parenthesis lines at Dr. Ellen Turner’s office, where a knowledgeable and experienced team works with each patient as an individual to customize results.

While Vollure XC is not the first Juvederm® product to focus on parenthesis lines that appear around the mouth, it does extend the duration of the skin-smoothing results by half a year: up to 18 months.

Contact us online about setting up an appointment or call (214) 373-7546. Find out more about Vollure XC in the Dallas area today

What Does Vollure™ Address?

Over time, youthful skin begins to show the effects of a gradual loss of hyaluronic acid due to natural breakdown and environmental damage. Since hyaluronic acid easily binds with water, its presence is vital for moist, pliant, smooth skin. Lower levels of the naturally occurring sugar lead to the formation of visible lines, wrinkles, and folds. Curving lines that appear next to the mouth, stretching from the nose to above the chin, are known as nasolabial folds or "parenthesis," given their resemblance to the punctuation marks.

Vollure XC is formulated to address moderate to severe parenthesis lines, lessening their appearance.

How Does Vollure XC Work?

Allergan makes Vollure XC via a special process that cross-links hyaluronic acid molecules to create a gel with a particular ability to hold onto water. Once injected into the target areas, the gel physically adds volume and boosts moisture.

When Will I See Vollure™ XC Results?

Results should be visible just after the treatment session, and there is no need for down time to recover. The uniquely cross-linked hyaluronic acid makes for a smooth injection process with minimal side effects. Patients may notice some bruising, tenderness, or similar injection-related issues, all of which should resolve on their own in the following days.

How Much Does Vollure, XC Cost?

Because Vollure XC treatment specifics are best discussed in person, women and men considering the injectable are encouraged to set up a consultation by contacting the practice online or calling (214) 373-7546. This is the ideal time to discuss cost, as well as other details related to smoothing out parenthesis lines.

More Options for Facial Rejuvenation

Often, patients seeking to reduce the appearance of their nasolabial folds want to address overall facial rejuvenation. Voluma® XC is another filler in the Juvederm® line, this one designed to restore volume to the apple of the cheeks, which can create more youthful contours and subtly lift jowls. Also from Allergan, Volbella® XC focuses on smoothing wrinkles around the mouth and adding volume to the lips for a rounder, more youthful look.

Dr. Turner also offers other hyaluronic acid-based fillers, Restylane®, and Belotero Balance®. A consultation can help her team determine which is the ideal filler for each individual patient.

Please contact the dermatology office of Dr. Ellen Turner at 214-373-5746 or send a message online for more information on Vollure™ XC in the Dallas area.

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