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Look 10 Years Younger with Botox®

Take a Decade Off Your Face With Help From a Dermatologist in Dallas, TX

While surgery is a popular choice with men and women across the United States looking to “turn back the hands of time” and bring a more youthful look to their faces, a more common selection when it comes to efforts to look 10 years younger is Botox®. Dallas-area dermatologist Dr. Ellen Turner notes that hundreds of thousands of people undergo eyelid surgery, facelifts, and forehead lifts each year, while many millions pick Botox® Cosmetic as their preferred treatment.

How Does Botox® Work?

One of the keys to looking younger is understanding why we look older in the first place. Perhaps the most visible signs of aging are wrinkles, which form as vibrant, youthful skin eventually loses some of its elasticity and underlying support. Repeated muscle use over the years etches fine lines and grooves into the skin on the most active areas of our face, creating creases that run across out foreheads and webs of wrinkles that spread out from the corner of either eye. Botox® Cosmetic prevents certain muscles from contracting, keeping wrinkles in those areas from showing. Specifically, Botox® is FDA approved to treat frown lines (technically known as glabellar lines between the eyebrows) and crow’s feet. Fewer visible wrinkles mean fewer signs of aging.

Why Choose Botox® Over Surgery?

Botox® is considered a minimally invasive procedure due to the fact that it’s administered by a few quick injections. An entire Botox® session can last only minutes, and there’s no necessary downtime to speak of afterward. Patients can return to their normal routines and lives immediately. While the effects of Botox® are temporary, people seeking to keep that 10-years-younger look can periodically visit Dr. Ellen Turner’s office for maintenance injections. Compare that to surgery, which can be quite expensive, leave scars, and lead to a lengthy recuperation period. A facelift, for instance, may require bandages, drainage tubes, infection-fighting medications, and weeks of post-operative swelling. When faced with the costs, risks, and time commitment of surgery, many people decide that Botox® is their method of choice for giving their face a more youthful look.

Can Botox® Be Combined With Anything Else?

Though forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet contribute to an aging appearance, they aren’t the only tolls that the years take on our faces. Getting older also typically means losing volume in areas where a healthy roundness has long conveyed youthfulness, but facial fillers can help restore that vital volume. Juvéderm Voluma® XC, for instance, addresses flattening and sagging in the cheek area known as the “apple”, and this injectable cosmetic can be combined with the wrinkle-smoothing effects of Botox® for an overall fresh look. A chemical peel or similar treatment to give the skin a healthy glow from chin to forehead can also be applied. Talk to Dr. Ellen Turner to learn more about what treatment or combination of treatments would be best to generate your desired results.

Learn More About Botox® for the Dallas Area

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