Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

IPL-Photofacial/BBL Before and After Case 2

Provider : Ellen Turner


Jennifer M. is a 47 year old financial consultant who began coming to the Dermatology Office in order to get monthly microdermabrasion treatments. Despite the fact that she loved the way the microdermabrasion treatments made her skin feel, she felt as though her skin was starting to show her age. (Jennifer feels like she can’t be a day over 27!)


Amber, a Dermatology Office esthetician, consulted with Jennifer on a series of four photofacial treatments in order to improve her texture and tone, as well as the pore size and the appearance of fine lines around her eyes. She may choose to repeat this wonderful no-recovery procedure which can easily performed over a lunch hour in the future. For now, she enjoys reading books such as her favorite – To Kill a Mockingbird. She also enjoys horseback riding , running and traveling the globe.

*Results will vary from patient to patient.

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