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Nutritional Supplements for Better Skin Health

If you are thinking about ways to get healthy in 2019, you might consider nutritional supplementation to augment dietary intake of foods. As we continue to advance in our technology at a rapid rate, our food sources continue to decline in terms of what they can offer us from a nutritional aspect. Some of this relates to the way in which we use the soil. In days of old, soil would be rested for a year, typically planted with some type of crop that replenished depleted nutrients, and specifically nitrogen. Most farmers can no longer afford to rotate crops, and allow resting as there is no profit from that segment of land. Additionally, farmers utilize various water sources that may contain toxins or pollutants that are acceptable levels from a government audit standard but which may still not be good for our health, and which can take away from some of the nutritive value of the food produced. Even more depressing is the fact that air pollution is real, and can also impact the food’s nutrition value. Finally, if the farming source is using chemicals and other toxins, rather than organically farming, those foods will reflect the use of those […]

Adult Female Acne Causes and Treatments

More and more, we are seeing female adult acne come through the dermatology practice. Some of these women are in the twenties, or even thirties and forties, and are now experiencing acne in adulthood. All of them want clearance (who wants to have acne AND signs of aging?), and most want to know cause. Why me and why now? There are some theories as to cause. Sometimes stress can lead to skin findings, especially acne in the female adult on the lower face, jawline and neck. Sometimes there are issues in the gut microbiome or there is a food allergy leading to inflammation on the skin in the form of acne. And sometimes, it is related to hormonal imbalance. In addition to traditional therapies used to treat adult acne including topical medicated prescriptions, oral spironolactone or Accutane, and laser/light procedures such as photodynamic therapy, patients may wish to investigate cause in order to normalize an imbalance.  At the Dermatology Office, Dr. Ellen Turner is able to perform food allergy testing to determine if elimination of a particular food item will improve acne and other types of inflammation. Additionally, Dermatology Office offers comprehensive gut analysis to evaluate digestion, inflammation, infection the […]

Does CoolSculpting really work?

I often have patients ask me, “Does CoolSculpting really work”? And the answer is a definitive “YES”! CoolSculpting has an interesting back story, and once you hear it, you will be a believer.  There was a pediatrician several years ago who noted that some of his patients had actual fat loss in the cheeks, and when he investigated further, he determined it to be the result of over-consumption of popsicles! Additionally, a similar phenomenon was seen in horse-mounted policemen on the outer aspect of the hips and thighs because the horse body temperature would maintain the inner thigh warmth, but not the outer aspect in the cold weather. Fast forward to a company called Zeltiz who investigated ways to safely harness the fact that fat has a different freezing temperature than surrounding (an important) tissue. This company was able invent a technology that worked to freeze and eliminate only the unwanted fatty areas, but maintain the health and well-being of the overlying skin and other structures. Eventually Zeltiq was sold to Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox Cosmetic, a variety of fillers like Juvederm and Voluma, and also of breast implants. Allergan took the science a step further creating additional and […]

The Secret is out! RF Microneedling

As I was reviewing the daily dermatology updates, I came across a publication that was released by the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology stating that microneedling radiofrequency technology is both “safe and effective” for the treatment of atrophic acne facial scars. Great news is the fact that this affirms what we have seen in the Dermatology Office for the past two years since acquiring this amazing technology. Microneedling radiofrequency employs the use of finely-tipped microneedles which are introduced or injected into the skin, and as they reach the depth of penetration which can be customized to the patient depending on condition treated. At the depth of deepest penetration, there is an immediate burst of radiofrequency energy which produces heat and stimulates tissue to regenerate, specifically collagen. As with any new technology, there are different manufacturers of the product and so it best to test as many of a potential new addition to the office so that we can determine best device and best results. Our discovery of The Secret was a game changer. Not only did this particular microneedling radiofrequency device work smoothly and elegantly for the operator, but provided maximum patient comfort with best outcomes. Additionally, it was the only […]

Intermittent fasting through ProLon

Have you ever felt as though despite proper diet and exercise, you seem to hit a plateau in your weight loss program? This is a real phenomenon and can occur secondary to metabolic set points created in your brain where body regulation and metabolism begins. But how can you reset this point, and convince your brain what that your weight is actually appropriate to decrease? Thinking back to the days of early man, it was not always a given that there would be a continuous food supply, and so the human body was designed to allow for periods of intermittent fasting. Recently, there has been more research into the concept of fasting. Of course, we can look to cultures and religions who have continued to utilize fasting as a part of daily life, but until a few years ago, there were not a lot of clinical trials. Now we are able to see lots of data, and the data on fasting suggests so much more than simply weight loss. However, weight loss is one of the natural side effects of intermittent fasting.  Intermittent fasting studies have shown tremendous benefits in multiple areas. Mice studies show increased lifespan in the fasting […]

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