If you ever wanted to have that airbrushed look and get your “glow” on, now is the time! There are so many incredible products that are hitting the market that allow your skin to literally glow and appear Photoshopped (like Skinvive™ at the Dallas area’s Dermatology Office), but it is actually the beautiful skin you have always wanted!


Skinvive™ by Allergan has been much anticipated and finally launched in September of this year. Unlike other injectables, it is not a filler, but rather is placed in the skin using a micro-droplet technique that typically requires about 10 minutes of time. Treatments involve a fine, thread-like needle used to place hydrating hyaluronic acid, which will then quench the skin for up to six months’ duration. Not only does it provide a long-lasting hydration effect, but it smooths fine lines and wrinkles, reduces pore size, and gives a beautiful glow to the skin that all patients desire, making them appear more attractive and youthful.


Skinvive™ is a unique product that binds water from inside skin. As we age, it becomes more difficult for our skin to retain water and keep properly hydrated. A good analogy is to consider is that our skin becomes like a raisin after assaults from aging, excessive sun, pollution, and even blue light damage from our smart phones and personal computers. Skinvive™ can reverse this effect and create such hydration as to make the skin more grape-like again. A dewy effect is created within two weeks, and at one month, skin looks its best and maintains that appearance and feel for six months.


As a facial aesthetics trainer for Allergan, I have been fortunate to work with this product since launch, and my patients are literally glowing with satisfaction from their Skinvive™ results. If you are looking for more radiant and glowing skin, contact the Dermatology Office at 214-373-7546 or request a consultation online.


Dr. Ellen Turner is a dermatologist at the Dermatology Office, with offices in Dallas and Irving, Texas. www.dermofficedallas.com