Dr. Ellen Turner finds CoolSculpting® ideal for reducing the stubborn fat found on a person’s flank (better known as love handles), but until recently, such troublesome deposits found below the chin were best treated by other means. The recent FDA approval of a new applicator, CoolMini®, has changed that, however, by allowing greater focus on smaller areas previously unsuited for CoolSculpting®. Dallas-area dermatologist Dr. Turner is using January as a month to introduce patients to the device, which only just gained approval for widespread use in October 2015.
In addition to information and deals available at her practice throughout January, Dr. Turner will be offering a “Lunch and Learn” on Jan. 27, at which anyone interested in learning more about CoolSculpting® and CoolMini® can gain insight into the treatment and have their questions answered.

A single CoolMini® treatment can reduce submental fat by 20 percent, and patients typically find that they achieve their desired results after one or two sessions. Since the procedure is nonsurgical, there is no necessary recovery time to schedule after.
The technology behind CoolMini®—and all CoolSculpting® applicators—works to lower the temperature of fat in the body, which succumbs to cold that doesn’t harm the skin, muscles, organs, or other structures. The device pulls in tissue containing unwanted fat, then extracts the heat from it in a measured and safe way, kicking off a process known as cryolipolysis.

In the days, weeks, and months after the treatment, targeted and crystallized fat cells will die off and be flushed from the body. This differs from dieting, since reducing calories and increasing exercise can shrink larger fat cells down to a smaller size, but won’t physically eliminate them. These cells that remain in the neck area—or anywhere on the body—can swell again to larger sizes if given the opportunity. Such fat cells may even resist efforts to shrink them, earning them the title of “stubborn fat.” Such fat is ideal for destruction via CoolSculpting®.

Dr. Turner wants patients to know that CoolSculpting® is intended for body contouring, not weight loss. While the treatment removes fat from the body, it is considered an aesthetic procedure, not one to be used for health reasons.
To learn more about CoolSculpting® for Dallas-area patients, as well as the January events focusing on CoolMini®, contact dermatologist Dr. Ellen Turner at any of her the three office locations—in Irving/Baylor and Cleburne—by calling (214) 373-7546, or visit dermofficedallas.com.