Coolsculpt is a revolutionary technique used for years to destruct fat cells in problem areas with minimal discomfort and no recovery time. Discovered as an accident of nature, it was noted that children who were constantly consuming popsicles over continuous periods of time were seeing fatty volume loss in their cheeks. Additionally, policemen on horseback were noted to have fatty volume loss on the thigh areas where there was a higher degree of cooling in some areas versus others. These random observations led to a study on thermal effects on fat cells in relation to other types of cells in the body. It was discovered that fat has a higher temperature than other cell types for freezing point, thus enabling the invention of Coolsculpt. Now we can use non-invasive, no-recovery Coolsculpt using a simple procedure to only target fat cells, while protecting other necessary cells in the surrounding area such as skin or blood vessels or nerves.

CS3In consumer surveys, patients reported greater than 82% percentage satisfaction with their Coolsculpt treatments!

Zeltiq’s Coolsculpt has been in the marketplace for several years, and many people in the Dallas area have found it helpful to eliminate pesky areas of fat that are never reduced or minimized using traditional diet and exercise. As it has gained popularity for its simplicity and ease of use, more areas continue to be added to the portfolio of offerings. We are able to treat hips, abdomens, inner and outer thighs, arms, knees, bra fat, love handles and even the chin area with Coolsculpt, and now Coolsmooth. At the Dermatology Office of Dr. Ellen Turner, we offer a treatment to any area at normal pricing, with a repeat treatment to that same area free of charge if it is performed within 60 days of the first treatment.

When determining whether a patient is a good candidate for the Coolsculpt and Coolsmooth procedure, we offer a complimentary consultation which allows the provider to examine the patient in a 360 degree rotation. Many times, the best results are produced by multiple areas being treated to actually get true body contouring. These multiple areas equate to multiple treatments which can be either treated in one day, or spaced out over time as the patient desires in accordance with his/her schedule. Results can be seen in as little as 2 weeks but best results are seen 8 weeks after the treatment.


As we are looking at swimsuit season beginning as early as 8-12 weeks from now (if not earlier!), it is time to get a jump on this easy procedure with no downtime. This year, to celebrate a new and fabulous you, we are offering $200 of the normal pricing for Coolsculpt if patients purchase at least two packages (one package = one area). Even the thinnest of patients note a problem area or two which can be easily and effectively treated using Coolsculpt. Call our Dallas Dermatology Office now at 214-373-7546 to schedule your complimentary consultation and make the change in 2017 you desire.

CoolSculpting: Non-Surgical Body Contouring Treatment