I often have patients ask me, “Does CoolSculpting really work”? And the answer is a definitive “YES”! CoolSculpting has an interesting back story, and once you hear it, you will be a believer. 

There was a pediatrician several years ago who noted that some of his patients had actual fat loss in the cheeks, and when he investigated further, he determined it to be the result of over-consumption of popsicles! Additionally, a similar phenomenon was seen in horse-mounted policemen on the outer aspect of the hips and thighs because the horse body temperature would maintain the inner thigh warmth, but not the outer aspect in the cold weather.

Fast forward to a company called Zeltiz who investigated ways to safely harness the fact that fat has a different freezing temperature than surrounding (an important) tissue. This company was able invent a technology that worked to freeze and eliminate only the unwanted fatty areas, but maintain the health and well-being of the overlying skin and other structures. Eventually Zeltiq was sold to Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox Cosmetic, a variety of fillers like Juvederm and Voluma, and also of breast implants.

Allergan took the science a step further creating additional and better adaptors that fit to basically anywhere on the body that can have unwanted fatty deposits. Now, Coolsculpting is FDA approved and indicated for multiple areas including the arms, legs, abdomen, flanks, back and even the chin. CoolSculpting has even been shown to create a tightening of the skin in the chin and neck region post-treatment.

Patients wonder “where does that fat actually go?” The answer is that your body knows how to handle any dead cell. There are bodily processes that are designed to engulf, carry away and excrete dead cells, including ones that are forced into an early death using CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is a fast, easy and comfortable procedure you can have performed either on your lunch hour, or after work, and never miss a beat because there is zero recovery time. In fact, patients achieve better results when they continue to stay active, keep moving post-procedure, and follow a healthy diet including 8-10 glasses of water daily.

Allergan is giving a special promotion the month of February 2019 to encourage patients who have been considering the CoolSculpting procedure to actually take the plunge and have the areas they would like treated, performed at a greatly discounted cost. In fact, the more areas that require treatment, the better the discount!

If you are yearning to eliminate those pesky areas of fat that no amount of gym exercise and dieting seems to get rid of, consider a complimentary consultation with one of our consultants at Dermatology Office. Call us at 214-373-7546!