As we enter a new year, many people specifically choose to set resolutions as to things they want to improve upon such as learning a new hobby, eliminating a bad habit or working on a new skill. I frequently get asked what I would suggest that would easily and quickly improve someone’s appearance with minimal effort. Typically, after ensuring they are already using sunscreen daily, I tell them about Botox Cosmetic if they are in my Dermatology Office in Dallas, Texas!

Botox is a quick and easy in-office injection of a purified protein that will selectively rest certain muscles of facial expression to create a natural and youthful appearance. If someone is told repeatedly by friends and colleagues that they “look mad” or “upset” all the time, perhaps it is time to talk about Botox. There are actually so many reasons TO get Botox, that I would first ask “why not Botox” now. Botox is safe, effective and has been studied and utilized in millions of patients around the globe since the early 1990s. When used properly by the injector, it is a safer drug than normal saline!

I have included some facts that were recently released by Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox which I felt were interesting points to those people who are considering this safe and effective cosmetic treatment.

* 95% of toxin considerers choose Botox Cosmetic the first time

* Botox Cosmetic has 100% brand awareness among considerers (as opposed to 13% for Dysport and 2% for Xeomin)

* Less than 6% of US population has used a facial injectable (this includes both Botox and other toxins as well as fillers!)

* Botox Cosmetic has 10% growth (18% new patients, 74% current patients, and 8% lapsed patients)

* New users are younger, now including the Millennials. There are 92 million Millennials that were born between 1980 and 1995!

* 550,000 Millennial women get Botox Cosmetic, and 100,000 Millennial women get filler.

* 51% of toxin users are considering a filler, and will add a filler in 8.2 months