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Lipoma Mesotherapy in Dallas for Fat Reduction and Cellulite Treatment

What is Lipoma Mesotherapy?

The treatment known as lipoma mesotherapy is, like CoolSculpting®, a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction and a way to lose those annoying bumps and bulges of stubborn fat. It involves a series of localized injections of phosphatidylcholine (PC) with deoxycholate (DC) to reduce superficial deposits of fat. A standard formula with PC and DC as essential ingredients has been used in the United States since 2004, and several hundred physicians have treated thousands of patients.

The DC breaks down fat cells, and PC assists the absorption and drainage of released fat and is considered by many people to be an excellent cellulite treatment. It has been shown that when injected in subcutaneous fat, DC alone leads to fat destruction, however, there is less pain, bruising, swelling, and inflammation when combined with PC. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they are slowly and systemically removed, resulting in fat reduction in the treated area. At the same time, newly laid down collagen tightens the overlying skin, resulting in a reduction and noticeable decrease in the appearance of the lipoma.

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Am I a good candidate for lipoma mesotherapy?

Patients who have localized benign fatty tumors, called lipomas, will find lipoma mesotherapy, as opposed to surgical excision, an excellent option for addressing this issue. Many times, surgical excision results in scarring, which can look worse than the original fatty lipoma. The lipoma may also return despite the surgical attempts to remove it in its entirety. For giant lipomas greater than 5 or 6 centimetes in diameter, surgery would be quite significant, with scarring to match. Thus, extremely large lipomas are great targets for lipoma mesotherapy.

Typically, lipoma mesotherapy is useful only for injection into non-painful lipomas, which are the majority. If it is a painful lipoma, it is most likely an angiolipoma, and surgical excision is recommended for this type.

Dr. Ellen Turner believes in providing outstanding patient care through focused care and attention, and she is diligent about choosing appropriate candidates for each procedure. Her consultations are intended to be comfortable and respectful while imparting vital information. She accomplishes this by listening to each patient’s concerns and carefully evaluating them.

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How many lipoma mesotherapy treatments will I need?

This entirely depends on the size of the lipoma. Smaller lipomas measuring 1 or 2 centimeters may only require two to four injections. For giant lipomas, a patient may require several injections in order to achieve the degree of flattening desired.

Treatment sessions depend on the patient’s wishes as well. If a patient is satisfied that the lipoma has been reduced significantly, injections can be stopped.

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Dr. Ellen Turner

Is lipoma mesotherapy painful?

Lipoma mesotherapy is a non-surgical procedure. Dr. Turner will inject the medication into the unwanted small, medium, or giant fatty lipoma in order to reduce its size. There is usually mild discomfort associated with the injections, and two to four days of swelling at the site.

How much does lipoma mesotherapy cost?

We offer our patients who carry insurance to run this through as a medical condition, with a procedure code that is applicable to destruction of benign lesions. If insurance rejects the claim, or in cases of patients who are self-pay status, it typically runs approximately $140 to $150 per visit, not including the office visit coding. Patients should know that Dr. Turner’s practice offers direct, outside financing for this and other procedures via CareCredit. Apply for approval online, after which you can receive the treatment and pay it off over a series of customized monthly payments. Call our staff to learn more.

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