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An Injectable Cellulite Treatment to Smooth Out Dimpled Buttocks in the Dallas Area

For as much as fat gets blamed for causing cellulite, it’s not really the problem behind those unwanted dimples on your buttocks. While fat cells do play a part in causing that cottage cheese look, the real issue is tension created by bands of collagen. With Qwo®, the Dallas area’s Dermatology Office can “cut” those bands—except there’s no actual cutting involved!

Instead of employing a scalpel to sever the bands—technically called “fibrous septae”—Qwo® uses an injectable formula that releases the bands internally. There are no incisions required, and the treatment has the added bonus of kick-starting natural collagen production to further thicken and smooth out the skin. The result is a smoother surface that looks more even and uniform, whether you want to show off in a daring swimsuit or simply want to boost your own confidence when you look in the mirror.

Cosmetic Dermatology

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Researchers haven’t yet pinned down the exact mechanism that allows Qwo® to so effectively address moderate to severe cellulite. FDA trials have determined that the treatment is safe and led to its official approval for treating dimpled buttocks, but the specifics behind its “enzymatic subcision and remodeling” are still being studied.

What is known is that the reaction that Qwo® triggers beneath the skin is ideal for targeting fibrous septae, which tug down on the surface as fat cells push that same surface outward. Furthermore, the collagen bands “segment” the fat beneath the skin, creating crowded conditions that encourage bulging and puckering.

Releasing these bands allows the fat cells to “spread out” a bit, as well as frees the surface to push out evenly, instead of forming divots in places where the septae are connected.

Am I a Good Candidate for Qwo®?

Considering that estimates put the number of women who have cellulite at around 90 percent of the population, chances are better than good that you have it—at least to some degree. Ideal candidates for Qwo® are those who have moderate to severe dimpling on their buttocks and who are in general good health.

When Will I See the Results of Qwo® , and How Long Will They Last?

The specifics of a Qwo® treatment session will depend on the patient, but a single appointment can involve up to 12 injections made into each buttock. The active ingredients will get working right away, but ideal results have been shown to develop a little less than a month after the third of three sessions, each spaced three weeks apart.

This is because it takes time for the fibrous septae to release and for collagen production to build up the new protein molecules in the skin.

The smoother appearance of your buttocks after a Qwo® session should last for years. It is possible for new connective bands to grow, but these can be thinner than the previous septae and not cause the same dimple-forming tension.

What Other Treatment Options Are Available for the Buttocks?

Lipoma mesotherapy is an injectable treatment for breaking down fat cells, which can be used to target dimpled areas of cellulite on the buttocks. By reducing volume in key areas, we can relieve the outward pressure caused by large fat cells straining against the septae.

Patients who have lost weight and seen their buttocks flatten or sag over time may choose a non-surgical butt lift, which makes use of internal threads to elevate the tissue and encourage collagen production. Dermal fillers such as Sculptra® or Radiesse can also be used to add volume to the buttocks to give them a fuller, firmer, and more rounded look.

Cosmetic Dermatology

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