The newest product in the SkinMedica portfolio is the second generation of Lytera, a product developed for its skin brightening and even-ness of skin tone. Lytera 2.0 was released for distribution last week, only days before the SkinMedica Ambassador Summit in Newport Beach, California. A product which has been in research & development for the past three years, this new tool in the arsenal to fight pigmentation disorders has been anticipated for release for almost one year. Now it is here in January 2017!

To date, there have been ten clinical trials to assess its effectiveness, going head to head with the gold standard skin lightening and brightening product, prescription-strength 4% hydroquinone. These clinical trials spanned all skin types and ethnicities, including patients with skin of color—a subtype of the population who seem to struggle much more with pigmentation issues. Trial sites included the U.S., Japan and Thailand. The product was examined on its own, as well as in combination with the retinols and with other office-based procedures such as chemical peels and laser treatments.

Many women, more so than men, suffer from pigmentation issues. Described by patients in many different ways, words like blotchiness, staining, scarring, spotting, uneven skin tone and many others tend to characterize a process which greatly affects the quality of life for these patients. Many females who experience this condition refuse to go out in public without makeup or camoflauge due to their embarrassment associated with the condition. Now, due to an increased percentage of men taking finasteride, or Propecia, we are seeing a growing trend in the skincare sector with men who have similar pigmentation complaints.

Many patients complain that they have tried various products or in-office procedures that are ineffective in treating the pigmentation. Unfortunately, this is a condition much like diabetes that can be controlled but never cured. If patients are consistent with their use of brightening products, combined with layering of sunscreen as well as in-office procedures, they can correct and control the uneven pigmentation. A few minutes of heat, light or inflammation can induce return of the pigment.

Lytera 2.0 is hydroquinone-free, retinol-free and is safe to use during pregnancy, a time which commonly finds women desperately searching for a treatment for pregnancy-induced melasma. The new Lytera 2.0 really only shares two key ingredients with the original Lytera, but the rest of the formulation was completely reworked. The new campaign for the second generation of Lytera is one message, with two meanings: #EvenUp indicating both the evening up of skin tone as well as getting even with the condition that plagues so many.

Criticism of the original Lytera were taken to heart by the team in Research and Develoment, and the new product boasts no issues with color oxidation (turning a darker yellow or brown over time with exposure to oxygen), or with fragrance (Lytera 2.0 is fragrance free).

Lytera 2.0 may very well be the 2017 Product of the Year, based on the need by our population, as well as the its effectiveness to treat this chronic issue that plagues so many individuals. The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, a journal held in high esteem by board-certified dermatologists across the globe, published clinical trials in both the December 2016, and the January 2017 editions. Also, Practical Dermatology has placed Lytera 2.0 inserts for physicians who receive this monthly publication as well. Look for Marie Claire’s March 2017 issue to tout the benefits of the new Lytera 2.0—the first of many magazine publications to follow.

The Dermatology Office of Dr. Ellen Turner has this amazing new technology available for sale. Call 214-373-7546, or visit the office and speak to a cosmetic consultant who can #EvenUp your skin with Lytera 2.0. From now through March 31, the office is providing a $20 coupon for patients who purchase Lytera 2.0 and $50 if they purchase in conjunction with a Halo laser rejuvenation treatment.

Introducing SkinMedica® Lytera 2.0