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Category: News

Dallas Dermatologist Dr. Ellen Turner’s Interview with Practical Dermatology

In each issue, magazine asks leading physicians about new products that they are recommending to their patients. This month, Ellen Turner, MD, a dermatologist in Dallas, TX, discusses Colorescience Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50, which she wears every day. How long have you been recommending Colorescience Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50? Do you use it on yourself? Dr. Turner: I have been recommend­ing Colorescience Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50 since it first launched. I practice what I preach and therefore skin protection is an integral part of my daily routine. It is hard to remember my skincare regimen without Face Shield. How and how often do you suggest that your patients use this product? Dr. Turner: Just as we brush our teeth every single day, I want my patients to apply this product daily. Often times patients will tell me they only wear sun protection when they are going outside, but I am quick to remind them we are on our phones, and sit in front of our computers all day long and the Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50 will protect them not only from harmful UVA damage but also environ­ mental damage caused from their device screens […]

Happy Mardi Gras!

So as not to confuse you, and before you read further, just know this post has absolutely nothing to do with dermatology. However, it has something to do with this dermatologist, who was born and raised in the Crescent City of New Orleans. At the onset of the new year, the city and its’ citizens continue to celebrate the year-long party of life by celebrating the season of Mardi Gras. Stemming from calendar of the Catholic church, the season begins on the day of the arrival of the three wise men visiting Jesus in Bethlehem, and culminates on Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. The king cake itself is a light fluffy pastry bread, laced with cinnamon and sugar, and topped with icing and the three Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold, each representing the Magi. The purple has always been the color of royalty, but I have found some writing that suggests it represents justice. I like the concept of a royal baby King Jesus so I will continue in my mind to always associate it with royalty. The green represents the color of life, and the gold represents power. Within the cake itself, is a […]

The Radiance Membership

As we start a new year in 2017, we are excited to announce a new membership that our patients can take advantage of to continue to rejuvenate and restore their skin clinically. The Radiance Membership allows patients the flexibility of selecting between photorejuvenation or microneedling on a monthly basis for best skin health. Photorejuvenation is a light-based procedure which literally changes gene production of proteins in the skin, repairing damage to cells that can appear as brown spots, redness, small vessels or “broken” vessels as well as textural irregularities that occur with age and sun exposure. This non-invasive lunchtime procedure is most helpful in giving an even skin color or tone, as well as producing proteins that mimic youthful skin. Dr.  Patrick Bitters performed a clinical trial that compared skin biopsies of college students to 70+ year old skin that had undergone 3 photorejuvenation procedures. The two types of cells were almost identical—young, relatively undamaged versus severely damaged but yet treated with photorejuvenation post-damage. Thus, this is an excellent way to both reverse damage and create a healthy and youthful appearance to the skin. Photorejuvenation can be used on both the face, and the body. Best treatment is a field […]

For the perfect lips – Volbella

New to the Allergan family of hyaluronic acid fillers, straight to Dr. Ellen Turner and the Dermatology Office, is Volbella, the newest generation in volumization. Many times, patients are fearful of fillers because they are concerned they will not look natural, or they will look overdone. Patients do not want to radically change their appearance, but rather they wish to slightly improve what nature is slowly taking away from them. Enter Volbella. Volbella was specifically designed, in its hyaluronic acid structure and cross linkage, to provide a very soft and pliable product, which feels natural and appears so as well, especially in the lips. If patients do not want the appearance of “filled lips”, but rather a softer and more subtle definition of the lip, Volbella is the product I recommend. Some patients choose both definition and plumping of the lips, and in these patients, I prefer to use a combination of both Volbella and its predecessor, Juvederm. The longevity of these products is typically one year from time of injection. If patients are hesitant on the quantity, a syringe of Volbella is equivalent to a teaspoon from a measurement standpoint. I will encourage many patients to try 1-2 syringes […]

Introducing SkinMedica® Lytera 2.0

The newest product in the SkinMedica portfolio is the second generation of Lytera, a product developed for its skin brightening and even-ness of skin tone. Lytera 2.0 was released for distribution last week, only days before the SkinMedica Ambassador Summit in Newport Beach, California. A product which has been in research & development for the past three years, this new tool in the arsenal to fight pigmentation disorders has been anticipated for release for almost one year. Now it is here in January 2017! To date, there have been ten clinical trials to assess its effectiveness, going head to head with the gold standard skin lightening and brightening product, prescription-strength 4% hydroquinone. These clinical trials spanned all skin types and ethnicities, including patients with skin of color—a subtype of the population who seem to struggle much more with pigmentation issues. Trial sites included the U.S., Japan and Thailand. The product was examined on its own, as well as in combination with the retinols and with other office-based procedures such as chemical peels and laser treatments. Many women, more so than men, suffer from pigmentation issues. Described by patients in many different ways, words like blotchiness, staining, scarring, spotting, uneven skin […]

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