October 26th 2020 – Hyper-diluted Radiesse is now being used for buttock augmentation at the Dermatology Office! Different from Sculptra, Radiesse (calcium hydroxyapatite) is an instant result which is appealing to many patients. Some patients prefer to get their buttock augmentation foundation with Sculptra, and then tweak their results with hyper-diluted Radiesse.

before & after butt augmentation with filler
Before & After results of butt augmentation using Radiesse, at Dermatology Office Dallas. *Individual patient results may vary.

Just as with Sculptra butt augmentation, hyper-diluted Radiesse is injected with a cannula for minimal discomfort and safety. Results are seen right away, and typically last for approximately 18 months.  Ideal candidates include anyone who has received Sculptra for butt augmentation, but who wishes to have even more , and faster results. Additional candidates for Radiesse butt augmentation include anyone who wishes to have a more shapely, rounded backside or anyone who wants  more lifting of their buttocks, as often times there can be downward drift with the aging process. Very thin athletic people can have “hip dip” which is an inward curve on the lateral hips, and Radiesse can be placed in these areas as well to create that more rounded out-warded curved shape.

In addition to the augmentation of the buttocks, hyper-diluted Radiesse is also being used for areas such as the neck, chest, arms, abdomen and legs where the skin appears thin and crepey (like tissue paper) in areas due to the aging process. It can also be used in areas where the tissue is uneven after poor surgical outcomes from procedures such as liposuction to even out the textural irregularities. Just as with buttock augmentation, a cannula is used to place the product for maximal safety and minimal discomfort. Contact the Dermatology Office at (214) 373-7546 in order to consult with one of our aesthetic staff to find out if you may be a good candidate for hyper-diluted Radiesse.