Patients constantly ask me what is the newest technology? What is the next best in anti-aging? At Dermatology Office, we are excited to be the first in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to offer aesthetic enhancement utilizing exosomes!  Read on, to learn more about exosome therapy.

What are exosomes?

 Exosomes are nanoparticles which are approximately 1/1000 the size of a human cell. Exosomes originate from mesenchymal tissue and contain both growth factors and messenger RNA. More importantly, they can perform cellular communication and direct any type of cellular growth depending on the cell which is targeted. It is considered to be the purest form of cellular regeneration because it directs the patient’s own tissue regeneration and wound healing, and in a very rapid response.

How can exosomes be used in dermatology?

At the Dermatology Office, we are successfully using exosome therapy to grow hair after only one injection. Sometimes we are combining the exosomes with a patient’s platelet rich plasma and sometimes it is pure exosome therapy. Additionally, it is an incredible aesthetic treatment for rejuvenation of collagen in the skin. Exosomes can be applied to the periorbital (around the eyes), perioral (around the mouth), the entire face, the neck or the décolletage where the skin begins to lose elasticity and begins to appear crepey or show signs of aging. Exosomes are also being used for wound healing and for their anti-inflammatory benefits, specifically as in the rosacea patient.

How are exosomes applied?

There are several different techniques in which exosomes can be introduced to the skin. For hair regeneration, the traditional injection technique is utilized in order to reach the appropriate level of the hair follicle where the necessary follicular cells must be stimulated, and thus replicated.

For peri-orbital or tear trough collagen stimulation, a fine cannula can be utilized for no tissue trauma and zero bruising in that delicate eye area.

For facial, neck, and décolletage, the Aquagold® device ensures consistent and deep dermal penetration for best collagen stimulation at depth of 450 microns with no pain and a smooth delivery.

Finally, after any non-ablative laser or microneedling procedure, the exosome technology can be used topically to ensure best outcomes and a more rapid recovery.

Who is a good candidate for exosome therapy?

Anyone who is experiencing androgenetic alopecia or hair thinning is a good candidate for exosome therapy to the scalp.

Additionally, anyone who has facial aging and is considering facial rejuvenation procedures is an excellent candidate for facial exosome therapy. Please contact Dermatotogy Office at 214-373-7546 for a cosmetic consultation if you are interested in learning more about exosome therapy.