The newest advancements in threadlifts can now be found at the office of Dr. Ellen Turner and the Dermatology Office. A Center of Excellence and trainer of Silhouette InstaLift in Texas, Dr. Ellen Turner is now using the PDO Novathreads for brow lift and butt lift. She is also using these threads for elimination of fine and course lines in the face, neck, chest, arms, and legs.

Novathreads have many different types and sizes depending on what you are trying to achieve. There are three main types of Novathreads: 1) barbed, 2) twist, and 3) smooth. If you are trying to achieve a lift, you are going to use the barbed suture. There are several different lengths and thickness of the barbed sutures. Dr. Turner much prefers the PDO Novathread for its ability to lift the brow and the butt, but always reaches for the Silhouette InstaLift for the lower face and neck.

Dr. Turner has been using Sculptra® for butt augmentation for three years now, and more recently has seen a huge uptick in Radiesse® injections due to the immediacy of its results. Both are biostimulants of collagen and give somewhat of a lift as well to the buttocks, but some patients want an even greater lift. Now, we can get a combination procedure, which is immediate by combining both Radiesse® with 18-gauge barbed Novathreads.

For deeper lines over the brow, or in the nasolabial folds or the crease of the chin, or in the marionette lines, or deep necklace lines, Dr. Turner reaches for the twists. These particular Novathreads are similar to putting in a filler, but they are quick and easy and do not give the same quantity as a filler.

For collagen stimulation, or for very fine lines such as those around the eyes or mouth, and for crepey-appearing skin, the smooths are Dr. Turner’s go-to. You can use these in one layer, and then go back in four to six weeks and place more and go back and repeat. This is lovely for patients who are already in the Skin Radiance membership who are coming in on a regular basis to the clinic. You can place them and then cross hatch more over them for an even better collagen stimulation effect. Another really neat way to use them is to place them, then inject exosomes or platelet-rich plasma to get even better outcomes in regards to collagen stimulation. This is a super-wow impact. Once injected, you simply remove the introduction device.

More and more, we are seeing non-invasive and non-surgical ways to rejuvenate the face and body. This is simply one more example of that. If you are interested in Novathreads or Silhoutte Instalift, please contact Dr. Ellen Turner and the Dermatology Office at 214-373-7546 or by sending a message online to schedule your consultation.