This weekend I was honored to be the meeting chair for the Colorescience Physician Forum in Sunny Del Mar, California right outside of San Diego. I was excited to share a new product which is first in its class – Even Up clinical pigment corrector with SPF50 with this amazing group of dermatologist, plastic surgeons and skincare professionals from all over the country.

Dr. Turner with Mary Fisher, CEO, and Heather Goodchild, VP of Sales Colorescience

Even Up is a revolutionary technology which combines three separate functions into one unique product. Firstly, it clinical corrects the appearance of colors such as reds and browns, and neutralizes those in order to prime the skin for the possible addition of foundation or other makeup. Secondly it actively affects or treats the underlying reason people have discoloration on the skin because it contains Lumira which is a patent-pending formulation that contains four specific ingredients – Vital ET, Venuceane, Revinage and Unilucent PA-13. Each ingredient effects steps in the pathway which lead to discoloration or dark spots and patches on the skin surface. The first two, Vital ET and Venuceane, effect both the inflammation step as well as the activation of the melanocytes, which are the cells in the skin that produce melanin pigment. The Revinage portion of Lumira inhibits the production of melanin within the melanocyte cells. The Unilucent PA-13 inhibits the transportation of the melanin pigment into the skin cells (also known as keratinocytes) which then gives the appearance of the brown discoloration that we can see in certain patients, especially female patients. Thirdly, Even Up is an SPF50 which contains the two physical sun protectors – zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These physical sunscreen components actually reflect and refract the light away from the skin so that there is less heat at the surface.

Even Up by Colorescience is the only product in the marketplace which combines brightening, correction and protection into one uniquely formulated clinical pigment perfector with SPF50. Some products may perform two of the three functions or may contain a sunscreen that includes chemical sunscreens (which also happen to be much less costly to manufacture) with lesser SPF, but none can boast all three functions into one skincare product.

Maria's quick makeup training.

Colorescience performed a clinical study with 28 patients which lasted for 12 weeks, and included once daily application of Even Up. There was significant patient satisfaction reported with the product during the length of the study. When asked, 94% of the patients surveyed stated they saw improvement in the appearance of brown discoloration and age spots. Additionally, 96% reported improvement in the skin tone evenness.

As a clinical dermatologist who is faced with brown discoloration by my patients on a daily basis, as well as my personal struggle with skin discoloration, I am so excited about this product.I am planning to host a one-day event which would incorporate this product combined with a procedural treatment performed in office. What better way to prepare for the warm weather of spring and summer than to reward yourself with an innovative skincare product? Even Up your skin!