Have you ever felt as though despite proper diet and exercise, you seem to hit a plateau in your weight loss program? This is a real phenomenon and can occur secondary to metabolic set points created in your brain where body regulation and metabolism begins. But how can you reset this point, and convince your brain what that your weight is actually appropriate to decrease?

Thinking back to the days of early man, it was not always a given that there would be a continuous food supply, and so the human body was designed to allow for periods of intermittent fasting. Recently, there has been more research into the concept of fasting. Of course, we can look to cultures and religions who have continued to utilize fasting as a part of daily life, but until a few years ago, there were not a lot of clinical trials. Now we are able to see lots of data, and the data on fasting suggests so much more than simply weight loss. However, weight loss is one of the natural side effects of intermittent fasting. 

Intermittent fasting studies have shown tremendous benefits in multiple areas. Mice studies show increased lifespan in the fasting group, and this has been replicated numerous times. It is difficult to perform longevity studies using humans because the research scientists age and die simultaneously with their study subjects. Thus, smaller animals are helpful in determination of lifespan longevity. Intermittent has been shown to increase metabolic markers, and proves that the metabolism does not shut down or decrease when performed properly. Starving the body is completely different from intermittent fasting, and this definitely induces breakdown of not only fat, but of healthy muscle tissue which is critical to those persons desiring weight loss. 

Intermittent fasting promotes the loss of bad fat or abdominal fat as opposed to the good fat, or visceral fat, which helps to protect and cushion our organs. One additional revelation from intermittent fasting studies was how the level of stem cells was increased, and after only a short period of fasting. Stem cells are getting more and more press because they are so vital to our health and our youth. Stem cells are the progenitor cells for every single cell type. Stem cells are described as pluripotent, which means they can mature and differentiate into any type of cell within the body. They are being looked at because of their ability to repair and regenerate new tissue. Stem cells become the primary cells in the body that can be termed the fountain of youth. If you continue to produce lots of stem cells, you will live a long life. 

Naturally, we begin to lose our ability to reproduce stem cells with age, and so having a technique such as intermittent fasting, that is accessible to the majority of people, is an important way to educate and inform people on ways to improve their stem cell populations.

Dr. Valter Longo has written a book, The Longevity Diet, which encourages intermittent fasting and best dietary habits for longevity and good health. He is also the creator behind the ProLon fast mimicking system, a dietary protocol that spans five days and touts enhanced performance, focused fat loss, enhanced cellular function and metabolic health. If you are interested in learning more about ProLon, or you would like to purchase the 5 day system, please contact Dermatology Office at 214-373-5746 and ask how you can get started on better health and longevity.