In each issue, magazine asks leading physicians about new products that they are recommending to their patients. This month, Ellen Turner, MD, a dermatologist in Dallas, TX, discusses Colorescience Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50, which she wears every day.

How long have you been recommending Colorescience Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50? Do you use it on yourself?
Dr. Turner: I have been recommend­ing Colorescience Total Protection Face
Shield SPF 50 since it first launched. I practice what I preach and therefore skin protection is an integral part of my daily routine. It is hard to remember my skincare regimen without Face Shield.

How and how often do you suggest that your patients use this product?
Dr. Turner: Just as we brush our teeth every single day, I want my patients to apply this product daily. Often times patients will tell me they only wear sun protection when they are going outside, but I am quick to remind them we are on our phones, and sit in front of our computers all day long and the Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50 will protect them not only from harmful UVA damage but also environ­ mental damage caused from their device screens and well as from pollution.

How does Colorescience Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50 stand out from other sunscreens on the market?
Dr. Turner: From a formula standpoint, it is chemical free, contains mineral actives, and has a high SPF and water resistance rating. It protects skin from all the environmental aggressors, not just UVA and UVB, and it has been studied and proven to reduce the formation of free radicals caused by these aggressors. In addition, it is cosmetically elegant. My patients won’t wear a sunscreen no matter how effective it is, if it doesn’t look, feel, and smell appealing. Face Shield is weightless, invisible, non-greasy, and easy to put on, this helps ensure my patients are applying and reapplying daily.

What is Colorescience Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50?
Ellen Turner, MD: Colorescience Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50 takes protection beyond SPF. For decades, we have been advising patients to protect their skin from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiation. Now we have more insights and information on additional environmental aggressors that cause skin damage, such as high-energy visible or blue light, infrared radiation and pollution. The 100 percent mineral actives, antioxidants, and calming and hydration ingredients in EnviroScreen, the formulation unique to Total Protection products, protects against all of these aggressors.

What other products/treatments do you recommend with Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50?
Dr. Turner: I recommend all of the Total Protection products after all non-ablative procedures. The high level of protection, plus all mineral actives, antioxidants, calming ingredients such as niacinamide, and hydration, are ideal for vulnerable post-procedure skin

How are you introducing these products to your patients?
Dr. Turner: We like to talk about protection with every patient, whether they are coming in for a full body skin exam, an acne visit, or a cosmetic procedure. Each patient visit offers an opportunity to us as a dermatology office to educate patients properly on the importance of sun protection. There are lots of avenues patients can receive their dermatology education, and I want them to get the correct message when it comes to the best and most environmentally safe sun protection. I think it is critically important to educate our patients on skincare. If we are not doing it in the dermatology office, they will seek it out on their own. Often, patients will receive misinforma­tion about various products to use from social media, YouTube, or store clerks at popular department stores. Since we are the experts in skin, it is our responsibility as a dermatology practice to teach them what works and what is best for their skin. In our office, skincare is fun! So, let’s get out there and educate our patients on skin­ care from start to finish. I completely trust Colorescience products for every clinical patient type and can recom­mend them to all my patients without hesitation.

Practical Dermatology August 2019 | New in My Practice : Sunscreen