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Category: News & Updates

How a healthy gut can keep you fit!

  As we enter 2019, I often hear an individual’s new years’ resolution is to lose the weight. I myself have resolved to do this both in the new year, as well as throughout the year whenever a big event will occur in which I am going to wear a special outfit, or if I am going to be seeing someone I have not seen in a while. Obviously, we all want to put our best foot forward so to speak. Over the past year, I have worked and studied diligently on an extension of traditional medicine now termed functional medicine. I am still a dermatologist at heart, but I can augment the care of the skin by looking at the individual as a whole. I have begun to talk more and more about use things like daily multivitamins, probiotics and fish oil for all healthy adults over the age of 18. I have also begun to look past the skin to the gut for answers to common skin problems.  We know that the entryway to the body is through the gut. From there, every other organ is affected—either positively or negatively, including the skin. We ingest foods, and depending […]

Spring Event 2016 Pictures

Thank you to everyone for making this a success! Written by Dallas Dermatologist Dr. Ellen Turner.

SkinMedica Summit at Allergan Headquarters

After attending the SkinMedica Summit for my 7th year, I still walk away astounded at the research and development that SkinMedica, an Allergan company, performs in this corner of the market. The cosmetic topical market is huge, and it poses a lot of questions for the consumer and patient. I can feel good as a dermatologist, as a skincare specialist, recommending the SkinMedica portfolio of products to each of my patients based on the amount of research and testing before product launch, after product launch and at 2 and 3 year shelf life and effect. No other company does this, period. There is research that typically goes into most products before launch, but none that look at effectiveness in what it claims to do after launch including longevity effect with shelf life in varying conditions and temperatures with the exception of SkinMedica. Their new labs were a pleasure to see–clean, contemporary and extremely well-equipped. The scientific machinery and computer systems alone are mind-boggling. Dr. Mehta and Dr. Vega have created a most incredible environment with scientists who do not simply ask “why” but rather “why not”. They are constantly seeking new formulations based on the requests from practitioners in the […]

Dr. Ellen Turner Introduces Patients to a New Use for CoolSculpting® in the Dallas Area in a January Event

  Dr. Ellen Turner finds CoolSculpting® ideal for reducing the stubborn fat found on a person’s flank (better known as love handles), but until recently, such troublesome deposits found below the chin were best treated by other means. The recent FDA approval of a new applicator, CoolMini®, has changed that, however, by allowing greater focus on smaller areas previously unsuited for CoolSculpting®. Dallas-area dermatologist Dr. Turner is using January as a month to introduce patients to the device, which only just gained approval for widespread use in October 2015. In addition to information and deals available at her practice throughout January, Dr. Turner will be offering a “Lunch and Learn” on Jan. 27, at which anyone interested in learning more about CoolSculpting® and CoolMini® can gain insight into the treatment and have their questions answered. A single CoolMini® treatment can reduce submental fat by 20 percent, and patients typically find that they achieve their desired results after one or two sessions. Since the procedure is nonsurgical, there is no necessary recovery time to schedule after. The technology behind CoolMini®—and all CoolSculpting® applicators—works to lower the temperature of fat in the body, which succumbs to cold that doesn’t harm the skin, […]

Dr. Turner’s 2015 Sunscreen Review

  The summer of 2015 has been packed with activities and travel for me and my family. Between camp for the girls, trips to the neighborhood swimming pool or visiting the lake house, it has been a huge deal to have some outstanding products for sun protection which are “first in class” or “one of a kind”. Let me review three with everyone. 1. Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF50 powder sunscreen. I have actually been using this since 2010 when I first discovered it at an anti-aging conference and immediately jumped on line and purchased it right in the middle of the seminar using my smart phone. It has continued to evolve, coming out with darker shades for even the darkest complexions (Yes! They needs sunscreen too!). Recently, Colorescience packaged three powder sunscreens into one package, thus greatly reducing the pricing on this incredible product. Since I layer my sunscreen for better protection, I love using the powder as the last step in my regimen before walking out the door. I use the Sunforgettable in the car to reapply it to my hands and face throughout the day. Reapplication is key to good protection, and very much under-estimated by my dermatologic way […]

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